Benefits of Being Vegan

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Vegan Challenge Week Going Strong.

I hope you are enjoying yourself and diving into a whole new world of spices and flavors.

Today I decided to share the benefits of going vegan I have personally experienced as a way to boost your motivation and help you stay on track this week.

Let me know if you have experienced benefits yourself from going vegan. I would love to read your story and what positive changes you have experienced from a vegan diet (in case you are vegan or have tried it before)

Fot me the list goes on and on:

Absolute disappearance of chronic sinusitis and tonsillitis after I went strict vegan in 2002/03. That was a side effect I didn’t even expect.

My skin changed completely- it went from a pale color to a somewhat sun kissed color and my acne went away. I had hormonal acne prior to going vegan. PMS, cramps, nervousness and so forth all disappeared or got greatly reduced.

I also feel that a vegan diet has given me extra energy and  athletic edge.

Celulite, skin tightness and muscle recovery are some of the other benefits I have experienced.

I touch up on the spiritual benefits in the video but that may need a video of its own soon.

Hope this inspires you and gives you fire to keep going.

Love and Peace


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  1.'s Gravatar 22nd September 2016, 1:53 pm

    I have been vegan for close to 20 years. (2 vegan pregnancies)
    One of my kids eats a vegan diet. One kid does not.
    I would agree that colds and flu are pretty much non-existent in my life. When my non-vegan child gets a flu or cold, my other child(vegan) and I do NOT get sick or we only experience very mild symptoms. While my non-vegan child is bed ridden. Time and time again. Year after year.

    I am far from deprived of food choices.
    Most of all my body & conscience feels clean.

    I want to recommend for anyone who is busy (aren’t we all?)
    Invest in reuseable containers of all sizes. There’s nothing better than being able to grab cut up fruit & veggies when hungry, in a hurry or on the go. Part of my kitchen routine: Listening to music while chopping and prepping my veggie haul.
    Thank you, Ali. You are an amazing inspiration.

    • admin's Gravatar

      ah i feel you on the prepping food listening to music or talks on youtube. so much fun. its a meditation of its own kind. so glad to hear your experience and isn’t it interesting that the non vegan child gets flus. i think my last flue was 20 years ago… pretty crazy. 2 vegan pregnancies!!! you go. if you have tips on that and you want to write an article on my site i would love to share it.

  2.'s Gravatar 25th September 2016, 2:31 pm

    Sure would be happy to share my experience. I think it’s important that a woman trusts her instincts. And when it comes to prenatal & motherhood that becomes so essential. Well meaning relatives and friends can make it difficult to make personal decisions. WithOUT outside influence, pregnancy is already such a thought provoking time. I know I was feeling such a wide range of emotions to say the least. Lol!
    And it can be scary. We want to do the perfect things for the amazing life growing inside.
    Please let me know how I can be of service to Beautiful Yogis. I will write a piece or anything to help.

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