Anti-Viral Detox Protocol

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None of this information is medical advice!

A protocol is never set in stone. It is meant to evolve and change as we evolve and change and our needs and awareness changes.

Healing is a Journey!!

The environment nowadays is very polluted and even if you live outside of a city in a rural area chances are that you are still exposed to farming pesticides, mining or other industrial waste products, air pollution, stuff falling out of the “skies”, polluted water and of course food. We have all taken medication or substances that can have long-term effects on our health.

We all need to take extra care of ourselves and do periodic maintenance the way we take care of our cars. Body tune-up.

I personally love to do a mono-meal detox during grape and fig season. It helps the body rest and it has the energy for cleaning up.

An herbal detox protocol or an antiviral protocol is a good idea if our immunity is down, if we are suffering from auto-immune issues, aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, candida, neurological problems and so much more.

All of us carry a certain heavy metal load and that is paired with a viral load. If you go to an immunologist and get a basic viral test done you will be surprised at how many past and current infections you may have. Usually, the ones that are dormant show up as a Past infection but that does not mean cleared up. Immunologists seem to think that it is in the past but it is very likely a viral infection that went into its dormant stage hiding in the glands and organs. The medical Medium has a great podcast on Epstein Barr and Herpes. We co-exist with viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The trick is to keep everything in balance so one of those doesn’t take over. There is also a theory that viruses are what evolves our DNA so they are a necessary part of life. We just want to keep them at a healthy level so our immunity is strong.

Viruses are responsible for a big part of the super prevalent auto-immune disorders nowadays. They can play a role in mental health issues, headaches, chronic diseases such as nonalcoholic fatty liver; thyroid issues, lymes and the obvious ones such as shingles, HIV, Chronic sinus and throat infections, intestinal issues, etc. The list is far too long. I urge you to research sources. Do your own studies. Listen to the Medical Medium podcasts, Dr. Morse’s videos on Youtube, Bob Beck Viral Information. All of this I take with a grain of salt and I filter it all through my own research and sensibility. Another point I would like to make is that a lot of this is not yet discovered by science although a big portion of it might have some studies already done about it. It is not mainstream science and most of it your doc will not know about. It will be probably discovered or popularized in the near future.  Right now doctors are not trained in nutrition or health so there are many pieces of the puzzle that we ourselves need to discover in order to maintain our health. Mainstream science has its applications such as trauma, diagnoses, and certain disease treatment. At this moment most doctors do not recognize autoimmune diseases as a reaction to toxins, viruses and external invaders. It is considered to be a malfunction of the immune system. Science is in its infancy and there is a lot more to be discovered in the fields of health, physics, chemistry and so forth.

Ultimately our health is in our own hands and learning how to heal ourselves is part of growing.

There are practitioners that are very knowledgeable and can help you with your healing. I do not know of many but I have heard great things about Dr Sedegi in LA. You can take a look at his website and see if he recommends doctors in your area 

Healing modalities:

First and foremost

An Empty Mind paired with a Positive Internal Dialogue. This sounds like an oxymoron but hey the world is very paradoxical you know! The way I can describe it is Chop Wood, Carry Water and feel how a flower feels in the sun when there is enough rain. I imagine this to be the state of just being and also the state of bliss. The Bliss of Existence with not much philosophy to it. It is the awareness of the Universal wisdom and the resonance with the Universal Flow without the Ego mind jumping in and ruining it all.



Sleep can regulate your hormones- cortisol, serotonin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and so forth. WE ONLY DETOX AND HEAL WHILE WE SLEEP.


Third is


Try to make the main portion of your diet raw, living, fresh and vibrant plant foods. Raw fruits are king. They are loaded with hydrating, sun charged sweet liquid, nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. Cooked fruits should be treated the way we treat desserts. OK in moderation or on occasion but not the main caloric source. When we cook fruits they turn from alkaline into acidic and a lot of their healing properties are lost.

Veggies- raw, steamed, baked, cooked and so forth. Try to always serve cooked veggies on a bed of raw greens and veggies.

Nuts and grains in moderations.

Seeds and Beans are a healthy addition to a plant-based diet.

Exceptions are always fine.

I love getting a glass of wine if I am out with friends and that has proven to be healthy for me. Living life healthfully but with no dogmatic behavior is key. Balance is key. Happiness and being able to flow is key.

Personally, I am always drawn to fruits and veggies even after a night of wine and restaurant food. I have become “addicted” to high water foods. If we get used to simple plant foods everything else seems less exciting than them and we are not going to fall off the wagon just because we tasted vegan chocolate cake.

Balance and freedom are essential when adopting a very healthy lifestyle.


Things that can help your lymph and kidneys to begin filtering are sub-acid fruits, melons, and berries.

Deeply colored herbs such as cilantro, basil, parsley are a great addition to your juices and meals.

Celery juice with lime is a favorite of mine- alkalizing and delicious as well as full of minerals and electrolytes.

If you are extremely sick a small pamphlet book called the grape cure is a very good fast info resource.

This is the link


Superfoods are basically very potent foods such as chlorella, barley grass juice powder, dulse, hyssop herb, thyme herb, cayenne, black seed, green powders, barberry,  etc.

Another important thing I need to point out is that the simplest herbs that grow in your grandma’s backyard are the most healing ones – apples, berries, weeds such as chickweed, dandelion, nettles, red clover, plantain, and ELDERBERRY!

Local Raw Honey in the critical healing stage can be very helpful.

To summarize diet – nothing processed; plant foods; mostly raw, A LOT OF FRUIT, greens, raw and plain cooked veggies, simple combinations of foods, herbs and spices. I personally do intermittent fasting which is helpful for me but it may not be for everyone.

Place compassion as your highest priority when it comes to diet. Take time to admire your fruits and veggies before you prepare them. They will heal your body and serve your soul!


Find the right dosage of herbs and supplements for your own body and needs. I tend to go heavy with the herbs. Research what is best for you and make sure that you are taking enough. 




I will list below the supplements I have used in order of importance. At the end of the article, I will place links to the exact products I used. Quality matters so make sure if you are getting things to get a high-quality product. My recommendation is to use at least 5 antiviral herbs because they have a different way of action.

Depending on your budget get a few or even up to 10 herbs and supplements.

Vegan B12 VeganSafe, Lysine, Ionic Zinc, Homeopathic Iodine, Probiotic. Selenium can be good.

If your immune system is really down AHCC has been used in Japan in cancer treatment and viral issues. It is a powerful supplement with a lot of research behind it.

If you have fungal skin issues a tbsp of borax in your bathtub can clear that up. As for taking borax internally research the Boron Conspiracy.



I will list and link everything that is important to me. High-quality herbs are very important or they may not work at all. I am not going to exhaust the list of herbs or foods so please leave in the comments any suggestions for things I missed to mention.

Oil of Oregano, Lemon Balm, Cat’s Claw, Oregon Grape, Herbal Antibiotic Formula with Licorice and Goldenseal, Lomatium, Passionflower, Elderberry, Echinacea Angustifolia (this is not the common echinacea) , Red Marine (Algae), Dulse, Yellow Dock, Sage, Prunella vulgaris (All Heal plant)

Other helpful herbs – osha, astragalus root, chamomile, ho shou wu, myrrh, reishi, indigo root and the list can go on and on. Different regions in the world have different herbs and these herbs have particular properties that are unique the place they grow in. If you are not in the states do not try to obtain the herbs listed here but rather research your local herbs. I know Bulgaria has the highest concentration of herbal varietals per square meter and the herbs there are phenomenal. Many of them are unique to the area so only the local herbalist can tell you about them.

Nettle powder – this one falls under an herb and under a functional food category plus it is great for baths and as a hair rinse.

A glass nebulizer for essential oils (see links below)

Dr Morse has a channel on youtube. He is a vegan raw food herbalist and he sells on his website different formulas. For example kidney and lymph to get things filtering and moving. Parasite M for small organisms in the body. Upper circ formula for issues with upper circulation such as hair fall, headaches, ringing in the ears, sinus issues, etc.

When dealing with herbs learn to use your left and right brain equally. A sign of intelligence, higher IQ, and true wisdom is combining the rational, logical and analytical mind with the intuitive, creative mind that can understand metaphors, symbols, and abstract ideas. Herbs need to be understood on all levels in order to be utilized to their full potential. For example, scullcap is great for bringing energy up to the head.

Flowers are great for dealing with emotions or head stuff on a physical level.

The whole obsession with science only or woo-woo spiritual stuff only is unhealthy. We need to find the balance between the polarities.

Dr. Morse also has formulas for bowels, lower circ, endocrine formula and much more.




Make sure your body sees the sun daily. All your hormones get regulated by the sun. Sungazing right at sunset is very safe and it is very good for your body. Exposing the thyroid to the sun is also great. Avoid the harsh midday sun. You do not want to burn but you do want to get a sunbath often. Also, make sure that you do not wash your skin with soap which can interfere with your own Vit D production. Soap can be used on the armpits but not all over the skin. You can scrub your skin with loofa. If your occupation or lifestyle requires you to wash your body with soap make sure to do that as little as possible and not after sun exposure as that is the time you produce Vit D with your own oils.






Sauna, Saltwater soaking, Spring water soaking.


Yoga and HIIT!

Try to use a shower filter. We have been using one like this for 10 years now. It is relatively inexpensive and it removes some of the chlorine in the water. It is not drinking quality water filter as it will not remove fluoride but it removes heavy metals, pesticides, fungi and bacteria.  It can also help with scalp and skin issues. If you take long showers with unfiltered water that is similar to being in a gas chamber with heavy chlorine because the steam contains the gaseous particles from the chlorine.

Detox your kitchen – remove nonstick pans, aluminum pans, cans with BPA lining, microwaves. (I would suggest not using canned foods at all as they are dead foods with unlimited shelf life. No health properties in those foods). Try reducing plastic and definitely do not drink bottled water in plastic bottles.

I have used a Berkey Filter for many years and I highly recommend it. It’s a gravity filter that gets most particles out of the water. You can charge the water with crystals afterwards. You can use shungite 

or rose quartz to charge your water.


I am a big hot spring fan and I do believe that all that soaking in hot springs helped me tremendously on my healing journey. It’s a modality I keep using a few times a year. I make my summer vacations all about hot springs and beaches. Soaking is very relaxing. Some springs penetrate very deep into the joints and you could even have a healing crisis when soaking (pain in joints, kidneys, etc). We are not talking alarming pain but just aches in the areas that are healing. Some springs can heal neurological issues, others can heal the bones, kidneys and so forth.

Strive to lead a mindful and a peaceful life.

Inspiration is very important.

I place Love and Inspiration as the two most important things in life. By inspiration, I mean that feeling of awe upon waking that we all have experienced at one point or another; that awareness that all of the living world is conscious and interconnected and that we are all a part of a grand piece of Art.

Topical Essential Oils are very helpful. Rose Geranium is great for NERVE PAIN


Below I will link the main herbs in my opinion. There are many more really effective herbs but in the hopes of keeping things simple and concise, I will just keep it to the necessary minimum. If you have suggestions for other herbs please list them in the comments below. Thank you.

Oil of oregano is my main herb

Olive leaf or Oregon grape go well with oil of oregano.

Cat’s Claw is a strong antiviral. This one is alcohol-free.

An immune combination with licorice and goldenseal and Egyptian Chamomile.

Another supplement I recently learned for boosting the immunity!  It has been used for cancerous growths, immunity issues and so forth. Called AHCC. 



Ionic Zinc


Also for the Heavy Metal Detox Hawaiian Spirulina paired with Cilantro, lime, celery and other greens and citrus. It can also be added to smoothies and dips. I actually love the taste of Hawaiian Spirulina. It has a bit of a toasty, nutty flavor.

Barley Grass Juice. If you grow your own try to do sun grown in order to avoid mold in the soil and in the grains. Otherwise, this one by Vimergy is recommended by the Medical Medium

Also when needed resort to Dr. Morses Herbs.
Local Honey. Usually, farmers markets have the best ones. I use this only when I need healing.
Local Fruit
Fresh green juice

Use your intuition and make sure that you are tapped into your inner guidance. Use positive affirmations such as “I am healing beautifully”, “I am building a healthy body”, etc.

Happy Healing!

Healing is a growing and awakening experience. Be thankful for your afflictions as they can propel you forward and put you on your path.

Keep me posted on your experiences.


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  1. Camden Smith's Gravatar

    Ali being type 1 diabetic for more than 32 years (caused by virus fyi), there is no way to reverse that permanent damage but I can detox the viruses that are still active like Epstein Barry. My question is I am ordered by my holistic NAET specialist to eat light not dark greens because I have no digestive enzymes for them, and medically I take pancreatic etc enzymes and I am to avoid sugars including honey.

    Proper detox calls for honey, dark fruits and dark veggies. While I can eat berries it has to be in extreme moderation and my main veggies because of CURRENT (not permanent) digestive issues are celery, green beans.

    This makes it i.possible to avoid organic meats because I am diabetic I need proteins. Is it okay to still do a detox protocol if eating organic meat?

    Also how much honey did you use for detox. .we talking a tbsp or a cup. That determines how I could do it.

    I am ordering all your main items except Lysine which I already have and am adding lemon balm. I am attempting to detox a virus linked to dementia later in life.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      Can you contact someone that works with diabetes? Mcdougal has a 2 week retreat around this time of the year I think. This guy has type one and they offer coaching on his website There are many studies that link meat to diabetes and the fat intake to high blood sugar. Also, have you read the medical medium? He has free podcasts on his website. They are great. Mcdougal is great as well. There are quite a few more docs but this is off the top of my head. If you cannot reverse it you can for sure stop the disease from advancing. Let me know if these resources are helpful. I will think of the other docs. They offer plenty of free resources as well as programs.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      OK, I have a few more names. They are very successful in what they do so look deep into them. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, Dean Ornish, MD and Neal Bernard. I really really like all of them. Incredible info.

      • Camden Smith's Gravatar

        thank you Ali. I got type 1 after vaccines at age 9. I don’t have a weight (overweight) problem. I am type 1 not type 2. Type 2 is the type that gets diabetes due to overweight. Type 1 our pancreas stops making insulin altogether be cause the beta cells stop working.

        I have been going to an NAET specialist for 16 hearts trying to reverse ot but she has determined that my auto immune disorder is so severe because of the vaccines it cannot be reversed, but of I detox the virus in my system it will stop alzheimer’s, dementia etc which is 90% inevitable.

        I will check those people out. Thank you.

        • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

          Ah, that is so unfortunate but you are so proactive. Yeah, definitely check Robby from the mindful diabetic site. He is type one as well. He is having good results with a low-fat fruit based diet. That diet is also high in antioxidants from fruits, berries, leaves, etc it is also antiviral. Meat can mess with the digestion of plant matter so that could be some of the digestive issue side. Good luck. Keep striving and keep searching. It is infuriating that doctors make such massive mistakes but they do. I have heard of a few other close friend’s kids that had similar issues.

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