Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga Workshop Sofia Bulgaria September 8-10, 2017

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Interval Yoga Workshop

with Guest Teacher Bobi Nikolov

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2017


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Friday Night Class:

MoonFlow and BreathFlow! The Power of Breath in Yoga.

We will work on the power of Fluidity in Yoga. Integrating the Feminine principle within the framework of Ashtanga and Hath Yoga. Learning to grove with the Natural Flow of Prana in your body. Letting go of rigidity, obsession with structure and attachment to alignment. There is a balance between rigid alignment and lack of alignment and that balance can only be found after we learn alignment and then we learn to let it go. Tuning into the Intuition of the Body. Intuitive Flow and Intuitive Understanding of yoga!

Focus: Letting go! Finding FREEDOM.


We will work on Somatic moves within Vinyasa Flow.

Saturday Morning:

Focusing on Core Connection and Proper Core Activation during Functional Movements.

Strong Sweaty TRUE Interval Yoga and Connecting with all the Attendees in a Circle Meditation. Jumping with Joy! Finding the invisible thread woven into the fabric of reality.

Saturday Evening:

Inversions and Flying with Bobi. Arm Balances, Balances and Handstands practice. Learning alignment and Strength. Fly Yoga!

Sunday Morning:

Bobi will take you through a strength building hatha based sequence. Focus on every muscle in your body.

Sunday Noon Closing:

Working on proper and safe techniques while stretching. Adjustments in stretching poses and finding the flexibility hidden within the body and within the breath. UNLOCKING FLEXIBILITY! Flexibility is not pure science. There is quite a bit of mystery behind our mind and body’s ability to stretch. Our breath holds the key to our capacity to let go. In fact tuning into our flexibility does require us learning to let go. A Letting Go Breath Class.

Working with safe adjustments During Stretching.


We will grab a dinner and do a picnic if the weather permits on Friday and Saturday.

For reservations, booking and questions contact me at

Payments via Paypal @

or via debit/credit cards

or at the door.

We also take bitcoin.


Drop ins at the door welcome. First come first serve basis.

Accommodations and city Transportation:

We have 2 different Yoga Room locations so book somewhere with access to subway and taxis or in the center. For Taxi use tel # 973 21 21 OK SUPERTANS It is a reputable and reliable company and the prices are very affordable. If you are near the subway thats also great.

AirBnB and Local Hostels and Hotels.

Come to Workshop Facebook Group  If you want to find someone you can share a room or an apartment with.

Transportation: Metro Subway from the airport. Taxis and trams are all an option.


If you do not have Paypal please message me. 


See you there!



If you are on Facebook you can join the Workshop Facebook Group


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