Shelby Rosecrans you said it perfect. I will say for me IY is such a beautiful combination or strength, endurance, and flexibility, physically and spiritually. I didnt know the spiritual side of it when I started. I just did it because I needed a workout out I could do at home with my kids and it was love at first sight. iY has taught me to accept myself, to listen to my body more than mind, to breathe into areas of stagnation, to BE PRESENT. I’m learning I dont have to have a 6 pack to be healthy but to move my body in ways that will give in longevity. I have found that IY makes me stronger at other areas of exercise. I could go on and on but I’m so grateful to you Ali Kamenova. Also I have learned to fuel my body with mostly plants, I have a different outlook on how I treat my body. IY is about compassion and fun”

Daniella Gardlin Your interval yoga classes have helped me immensely. I started doing yoga five years ago because I thought if I could heal my health I could help improve my gramas health as well. I weighed almost two hundred pounds. I lost 30#s that Year. After my grandmother passed on the way to spread her ashes my vehicle broke down in a weird little town I’m not that find of. Shortly after finding a place I found your videos. I’m forever grateful. I weighed 167 before your videos and now at 140. I have also gained so much muscle:) Your videos really helped empower me in a challenging time in so many ways. You have also inspired me to go vegan. Becoming stronger physically has radically changed my life. When younger I had been attacked a couple times and carried that fear with me. Seriously through your training I have been able to release that fear and achieve so many goals💖Thank You so much for what you do on the planet💖Also if you are open to receiving gifts I make pretty cool Jewelry and such and would love to send you some as a token of my immense appreciation🙌🏽”

Mauro Sau Amazing idea!! 😀 Finding you and Interval Yoga i found an awesome friend, other amazing friends, a “magic” way to be a better man, not only physically, never thanks you in suffisant way!! 😀 And i want to write something more tomorrow 😀

Natu Malovrh Hi Ali! I’ve written an article about you and Interval Yoga, it was meant to be for an online magazine from Spain about healthy lifestyle. They didn’t publish it because they told me that seemed sponsored, though it wasn’t (actually they asked me to write about your yoga when I told them about you, Interval Yoga and Beautiful Yogis group). So I uploaded it on my website, it’s the only article on the website (long story hahaha).
I can give it to you if you like, it’s in spanish… I can translate it if you wish…tell me if it’s useful for you!
Good luck <3 …and thank you for your wonderful classes!! They have changed my life in so many ways!! All your videos are a great gift for humanity!! <3″

Artemis Deer For me, finding you Ali, on youtube 5 years’ ago, and doing IY almost daily since then has enhanced my life phenomenally! it cracked me open, let the light back in, transformed me, healed me, strengthened me emotionally, spiritually and physically, and changed my life for the better in so many ways… basically, my life did a full 360 and I’ve never looked back! I am so grateful I stumbled across your videos on that day Ali, my world will never be the same again, and finding a community of like-minded supportive people keeps me feeling held and supported, even from the other side of the planet. I am so grateful <3

Natalia Sobczynska I was always aiming for a fit body because being skinny for me wasn’t enough. I like to feel strong, be strong and push my limits and until I found your yoga Ali I didn’t even know where my core was haha doing normal yoga didn’t engage even 50% of the things that I feel now since doing your yoga Ali. I feel energized and strong and I cannot wait go share my before and after photos soon with you 🙂 it also had high impact on my mood, I don’t have mood swings and I feel happier overall !

Melanie Feller Love the idea! Ali your classes are truly life changing. IY is empowering, inspiring and so fun! As Artemis said above, I feel strengthened in every way, and always look forward to each class. Plus the VIP membership is amazing!!! And, of course, I love your teaching, and your wonderful spirit!! <3 🙂

Swapna Agarwal IY has helped me believe in myself. I had given up all hope of losing weight when I found you on YouTube and gave it a try. I saw immediate results. I was trying lot of other high intensity workouts before, but nothing worked like your yoga. People still wonder that yoga actually give me sweat 💦
Melanie Feller I agree! I forgot to add above, but I really thought I’d never get anywhere with weight loss/toning up until I found Ali’s videos!!! Just doing that 30 day core program I see an amazing difference, and that’s just 30 days!”
Kristine Pam Yang Hi Ali,
Finding your YouTube channel was god-send. I was healing from a bad back injury and i found your IY videos extremely helpful. I started practicing almost everyday since 2014. Plus side is that I am a happier person in general by practicing yoga daily and secondary body toning is also a plus 🙂 Yoga alleviated my back problems. I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor. IY helped me made stronger and being part of this group help transform my life for the better. Learning to live in the present and learning to let go. There is so much love and support in this group. Reading through other’s experience, it just reinforces that belief. You are an awesome being Ali. Thank you so much for sharing free classes on YouTube, as well as sharing your healthy lifestyle knowledge and creating this wonderful group site.”
Katy Murdoch I used to believe yoga wouldn’t give me enough of a workout in my busy schedule; that I didn’t have time for spiritual stuff in my life. Well Interval Yoga proved me wrong. Nothing else packs such a punch into 30minute classes. I won’t list all the ways it’s changed my life as no doubt you will have your own personal life changing experiences with it – all waiting for you to discover. Enjoy the journey. xx
Nicole Luzon I used to be very unfit, had no body awareness, and was very very depressed. I went on living like that for three years. I couldn’t even bear to look at myself in the mirror because I just hated how I looked and who I was. I reached the point of thinking about suicide several times. I’m not a very religious person but I believe there’s a reason I stumbled upon your channel. I was at the point where I felt so sick of feeling miserable all the time. I basically said to myself “Screw all of this! It’s not like I have anything to lose.” I’m glad I took that leap into the unknown. Because now, after six months of doing Interval Yoga, I’ve never felt better. I can focus better, I feel connected with my body, I can deal with my emotions, I interact better with other people, I feel healthier, and I lost weight too. Thank you so much for the gift of IY, Ali. It literally saved my life. If I hadn’t found you when I did, I don’t even want to think about where I would end up.
Jessica Ka I found IY on youtube about 5/6 years ago. I have tried yoga before, but just didn’t like it. But with IY that changed completely. I instantly fell in love with IY and Ali Kamenova.
First changes I recognized were my attitude and mood. I was relaxed not so stressed out any more. And most important I learned to let go of things. I just was more easy going. IY completely did the trick for me, Ali offers workouts that challenge you physically and heal you mentally. And on top of that Ali is such a sweet person and offering us her values and lifestyle. Before I started doing IY I ran 3-4 times a weak or other cardiovascular training. Now, I just do yoga because my body and mind feel much better. I have gained more strength and flexibility, especially my arms look very toned now.
I can’t live without IY and beautiful Ali
Emilija Milosheska Until recent years it was known that when brain cells die they never grow again, which is true, recently scientists have discovered that under certain circumstances neurogenesis can happen and our bodies can heal if we give it the right conditions. Interval training is one of those things that encourages neurogenesis (or the development of new brain cells!). If that isn’t the greatest benefit ever, I really don’t know what is, no wonder why we all feel great 🙂

Except for the things everyone mentioned IY regulates my blood pressure (which can go as low as 60/30). And it gave me such a strong purpose of being excited to live like nothing else before.
Zdravka Penkova Since a lot has been said and it’s all true I just want to add how it makes me feel when I do my yoga – it feels like home. It feels safe. It grounds me in my body and makes me feel so present. It’s like another world for me 🙂 a moment of eternity… and I have sooo much love <3
Luciana Dagnan I have lived an intense life, a deeply spiritual and physical flow of incredible lightness and immense darkness and only Ali Kamenova and Interval Yoga can meet me, match me and magnify me further. Interval Yoga is a system that will advance you, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and consciously. The range, depth, originality and creativity of Ali’s teaching blows my mind daily and all achieved in a miraculously short class time – your life is beautifully enhanced beyond belief and you have more time to get on, thrive and enjoy it, doesn’t get more special than that! I am a yoga teacher, I have trained with world renowned teachers and nobody comes close to the total unity and clarity of perception that Ali creates in class; she is my friend, my ally, my kindred spirit, my inspiration, my happy place and I am forever blessed to call her my teacher. 🙏 Always with love, Luciana 💓
Amrita Pain How lovely!IY worked for me initially at a physical level but increasingly at the mental level: building endurance, resilience, pushing me to try just one more sweaty-set and more importantly, making me smile. The determination of getting through is not a competition but a sense of having understood how the mind and body can work in tandem to explore boundaries. Thank you much Ali!You are so creative.
Valentina Conku I had found you once when I was looking for some new yoga classes. I was doing already classes on youtube, but at some point, I got bored with those and started searching for something new. I immediately followed in love with IY, even though at the beginning I had no idea about “letting go” and the spiritual side of the practice. With your classes, I got progressively stronger and, eventually, I was able to do my first arm balances 🙂 At the same time I was also becoming spiritually stronger and I found more piece. Now I alternate your classes with those of other instructors, but I need to have IY at least 3 times a week. Thank you for so much for making yoga a life change experience 🙂
Mauro Sau I found your youtube channel while i was recovering from a surgery, i started trying the beginner classes and i loved them from the first moment 🙂 and class after class i loved more and more Interval Power Yoga, i become more and more flexible both in my body that in my mind and heart and i never can thanks you so much as i want Ali 🙂 <3 in plus i find a magic, awesome group with a lot of amazing friends as Lolly, Cecilia, Jenny, Elisa and you Ali 😀 <3 I love you all 😀 <3
Melanie Baker I began my yoga journey in my local gym but after 6 months found that I was not able to progress as much as I was wanting. I came across interval yoga and so began my home practice that gave me exactly what I needed. Interval yoga has changed my body in ways I never thought possible and I am in the best health and am the fittest and strongest at the age of 33 than I have ever been thanks to Ali and her interval yoga system. The system allows me to choose on any day depending how my body is feeling whether I want intense HIIT, moderate intervals with cardio, intense cardio or less challenging and relaxing moonflow and Yin Yoga. I have also learnt to listen to my body and have transitioned my eating habits to a plant based diet to support my yoga practice and health. I am currently travelling for a year and my yoga mat takes up half my backpack because I practice daily and with the abundance of wifi now I am able to practice with Ali wherever my travels take me! I will follow Ali and Interval Yoga anywhere because it is the only system that I have found to truly benefit and change me on so many levels. Thank you so much Ali x
Wallatta Nicholson Good idea ali perfect for no 1 year, i have being doing your yoga for three months consistently now, but found your youtube channel in 2013, i was doing a dancing from a famous trainer to the stars last year, but had to give it up as i hurt both knees never again!!!
anyway i as i was waiting for physio for my young knees the doctor said i should not do any exercise. ..the shock on my face, and as i am a pisces/aries the aries in me has to workout, and as i’m have gained weight i needed yoga but needed to get my sweat on..enter you ali kamenova, when i went for my physio he said it was a strain not torn in the ligament which i belive you and essentrics have helped with, i am doing your postpartum which is really helpful with the core, i see a little change but i feel clear headed,gaining flexibility and strengh i also have alot of energy thank u soo much ali…keep up the good work😊😊
Jennifer Nelson Heinmiller I found IY about a year and a half ago, when I was struggling with my work situation, I was living in a place that was toxic (chemicals), I was in a difficult relationship, and I was homesick because I had moved several states away to be with someone who did not appear to appreciate the sacrifices I had made to be with them. My confidence had taken a hit, and in my old place I went running outdoors nearly every day, but the new city was quite cold for much of the year so I couldn’t run outside. I turned to YouTube and found your channel. It boosted my mood, helped me get stronger, and made me feel more confident. It also provided continuity throughout what became a very turbulent year. I won’t go into details because this will get very long, but one thing that happened was that I ended up breaking my patella. While I had to give up a lot of the IY routines because of this, I found other videos on the channel that I could do. During that time of healing, I also found comfort and inspiration in the “talk” videos and felt that I was not alone. Later, I found this community, and I am grateful for it every day. Thank you so much <3
Laura Miller When I found Ali…and Interval Yoga…almost 5 years ago. I was recovering from chemo…severe anemia…and my husband was in the hospital with internal MERSA. They said he would probably not live through the night. I was sick, weak, and stressed beyond belief. I was surfing one evening… at 11:00pm (just returning home from the hospital to clean-up and rest)… for some yoga to help me calm myself. I found AK #1 and did it. I won’t lie…it was REALLY tough…but, while doing it…I realized I had found something very new, very fun and wonderful in yoga. I have been doing yoga since age 16…so I can say without hesitation…I knew I had discovered something very unique, original, and wonderful. I went looking for more of her “Interval” classes and discovered 2 more. I…for the first time commented on the class and was very surprised and excited that Ali commented back. That was the beginning. Life got better and I got A LOT stronger and healthier very quickly. I was essentially doing the classes as quickly as she could make them. I was also repeating her existing classes because they were so challenging. I realized that the intervals were giving me my stamina and self-confidence back. The anemia from the chemo was pretty severe…but…with Ali’s dietary advise and her amazingly engaging, fun, and strenuous classes…I began to take my life back. Here I am…nearly 5 years later, and I am strong, well, and very happy. A lot of that is due to our Ali. Her originality in class design still…to this day…keeps me enthused and coming back for more. I am so thankful for all you have given to me Ali. I am also grateful for all of the beautiful friendships established here at Beautiful Yogis. I am more than you will ever know. xoxox, Lolly
Molly Eisen-Kearns Interval Yoga for me created the perfect balance of spirituality, physical challenge and stillness. The class that this came crystal clear to me and was a advanced standing likes class. Ali was going over the same motion again and again. Ali said I know you want to stop but move through your resistance… what else in your life are you resisting and then …something to the effect of the love we were resisting the peace we are resisting. No one had ever combined the physical challenge of strength training with the spiritual challenge of mind training so eloquently. It was brilliant and the next step was a Vinyasa to clear it all out and start again. She has a habit of sharing her own imperfections and peak moments of insight making both more vibrant, accessible and compassionate
Ana Silveyra Your classes have helped me challenge myself and recognize my potential, I am stronger and I am not afraid, I see you do something and I go for it, without any doubt that I’ll too be capable of doing it. So, most importantly, it’s made me feel empowered.
Georgia Vlachou Your classes and getting to know you more have helped me want to become the best version I can be of myself. I feel calmer, stronger and more self- confident. I dont seek perfection in my practice but enjoy the journey and by doing this have achieved much more than I thought was ever possible!
Liliana Morande Hi beautiful Ali thanku for your classes for me it’s been a way to find ways to cope with my stress and also to feel the connection with the universe with breath and with being I’m slowly getting stronger in every way it’s definitely an awsome journey 💖💝🌹🌸🏵
Emily Van Loon I found Alikamenova Interval Yoga during a time where work took over the time to seek out yoga classes. Having the option at the time to follow short and impactful interval classes at home was so beneficial to my body mind balance during this busy time. I quickly discovered a very supportive community around Ali and a wide range of classes addressing a multitude of curiosities. Not just concerning the body but also the mind. Now, many years later I have never looked back. ❤️
Michelle Marie I have always loved doing yoga but never did it as often as I would have liked as I would opt for strength training and hiit to challenge myself. With your classes I can be highly physical and take care of my spirituality in a more holistic way.
Nadirah Saeed I love your classes …it creates a spell around me …your twisting ….cardio and interval attitude in class …..thats best way to explain you and your yoga …. I cant come out of this spell daily…thank you so much
Angela Rae Nunez I was Jillian Michael’s fan girl. Did her interval classes for years and then got her yoga video when it was released. Fell. In. Love. Granted this was my first experience with yoga. I continued her yoga and classes and then discovered I could watch a wide variety of yoga teachers on YouTube. I watch a couple different teachers and liked them, but still tried other teachers until I found Ali’s channel. By this time I had more yoga experience and had even been to live classes with an Iyengar style teacher in my small town. No yoga or excersize class had ever made me feel what Ali’s did. As the weeks passed I kept choosing more and more, Ali’s classes over others. It seemed every day I always found the perfect video of what I needed. Not just physically, but spiritually. The wide variety of classes was perfect for my every mood. From HIIT classes to moon flows to slow beginner classes. Everything I ever needed in one place.
My knees were damaged badly in a car accident when I was 17. That, and years or heavy running, my knees would have flair ups now and then and never fully healed. After a year of doing Ali’s yoga, I noticed that I wasn’t really experiencing my knee pain anymore. And now, nearly 4 years later and one baby later, my knees are still healed and don’t give me trouble. I absolutely believe Ali’s yoga has helped heal them. My over all strength grew over the years and I was able to do poses I never dreamed of. Finally achieving a head stand at 30!
I had a surprise pregnancy last year and was able to follow along with Ali’s prenatal classes. This was my 4th pregnancy and my most active. With continuing my practice, I never lost my balance as I had in my previous pregnancies. That’s a huge blessing! And now, I am truly finding my core for the first time with the new core program. Ali is amazing. Her yoga is amazing and so inspired. What a gift she shares and I’m truly thankful for the day I found her channel. So much love!!!

Harriet Sams My testimonial:

I came to Ali’s interval yoga four years ago when developing my yoga practice. I was in the process of returning to my body after my second baby and, although I was already fit, Ali’s classes took my fitness, flexibility and strength to a whole new level.

Not only did my physical body change in appearance, I found I was vastly stronger and could do a lot more than before! I even took up long distance running, which I simply couldn’t do before.

I short, Interval Yoga has given me a new and fantastic dimension to my yoga practice and, while using it along with traditional meditation, yoga and healthy eating, has contributed to me being the healthiest I’ve ever been.

Betty Anwar-Pauli You changed my life 4 years ago. I’m a completely different person now to what I was before I began practicing with you – confidence, self acceptance, healthy body image and a good relationship with food…all of these were non existant before I met you . Now – vegan and a yoga teacher who has found her calling in life. That’s huge and I can’t repay u enough. Plus we connect well in person 😉
Inna Sepia Ali’s classes have been a huge gift to me. To me, the most amazing and unique thing about your classes has been that you showed me that yoga can be HARD (not “just stretching”) and at the same time profound and spiritual.
I have also benefited so much from following your blog and Facebook group. Seeing how passionate you are about natural healthy food is somehow contagious. It has helped me look at food as a blessing and ultimately become happier and healthier. it’s also amazing to be able to pass some of this profound knowledge on to my family.
Thank you for providing us with this great gift
Sophie Long I came to Ali’s classes four years ago at a time when I was running long distances and having just completed my first marathon. I was looking for something that would be kind to my body but at the same time required focus and commitment! Something that was challenging and fat burning. What I discovered was not only did I achieve the above with Ali’s classes. But at the same time I felt like I was learning and developing a new skill. Ive always loved dance and sometimes in Ali’s yoga classes I feel like I’m dancing and slowly my body is looking like a dancers too. Ive always been afraid of being “bulky” and Ali’s classes have made me strong and lean. I’m all about “fit not skinny” now and really do love the feeling her classes give me physically and mentally. I never thought an online class could make me feel this good!!
Michelle Bauman Prior to baby it helped keep my low back pain totally gone but the reason I liked it most was it combined cardio, strength training and stretching into one work out so you didn’t have to do more exercise after yoga or set aside other days for strength training too etc.
Vesela Savova Drews You integrate cultivation of spiritual calmness with kickass body training like no-one else! I never thought I can actually get into a meditative state while sweating my a**. off! haha 🙂 This is why I love your workouts. They are challenging, they provide visible results, and at the same time they bring more groundedness and calm in my life. It’s like pure magic! <3
Julie Elle Same here! It’s real deep satisfaction and peace I feel after having worked out, releasing energy that physically couldn’t be released otherwise (e.g. on a whole day spent in front of the computer), while at the same time being able to calm your thoughts, getting rid of emotional/mental stress and become relaxed and meditate. It’s absolutely magic, just like Vesela stated :)”
Connor Lenz Lungs, Heart, Eyes, Mind – – – OPEN. Exploring interval yoga (IY) with Ali Kamenova can change your life. Physical Aches, Mental Stresses, Worry, Grief, are all interwoven with your mindset and stature. Let Ali show you the proper way to integrate a body-weight workout and mind exercise simultaneously through her practice. You’ll leave that experience feeling better. This isn’t an advertisement, this is a portal to a new lifestyle. You ask nothing of people Ali, and you give constantly. The workouts you provide are endlessly valuable. I recommend focusing more on the motivational aspect (taking first steps into yoga). It is a more brash approach, but people in this world are missing motivation to take first steps. Jocko WIllink is an example of a fitness/lifestyle professional that focuses on the motivational aspect more-so than the spiritual and physical aspects. I believe Jocko does this to appeal to a mass population, (which need motivation more than anything). Once he gains their attention the focus can then change to long-term, spiritual, mental aspects.

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