VIP 171 A 12 Min Not So Easy Booty, Abs and Legs Interval Session

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I am using a swiss Ball for every exercise. This can be modified by simply using the floor and maybe a basic weight for the overhead weight squat jumps. This session is a bit of a killer for being designed as a lighter class. Let me know what level of difficulty on the one to ten you would rate this class to be.


Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists. -Eckhart Tolle



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  1. Tina Redder's Gravatar

    Great class Ali and totaly energizing! Workedevery part of the body and the best thing is that my head was totaly full when I started, monkey mind, and in a few minutes I couldn’t even remember what I was thinking about! Totaly focused on not falling on my face with lol! And yes … love Sofie and her presence <3 she always makes me smile! Sending xoxo

  2. rachaelforeveryoung's Gravatar
    rachaelforeveryoung 11th January 2017, 10:59 am

    i got a ball and i cannot wait to do all your swiss ball classes and yee i got bands too loads of love xoxox

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