30 Day Booty Program Prop Prep

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I am inviting you all to join me on April 1st for the start of the 30 Day Booty Program.


For this program you will need:

  • to show up daily
  • your enthusiasm
  • prepare to get your butt kicked 🙂
  • and a few simple props that you can prepare now. I will list them below.

Most of my classes on my website require no props and that is done on purpose but for this challenge I allowed myself to use props for added RESULTS. We want results and growth and a few simple props can give us a total boost and make a big difference. These props are inexpensive and most of you have them laying around at your home but if you don’t have any then prepare at least 1 or 2 so that you can get some good muscle development, toning, and strengthening.

The challenge is an at home fitness and yoga program, however, it is preferable that you have at least 2 of the suggested props. You can adapt most exercises without the props or substitute one prop for another. For maximum results do prepare at least 2 of the below-suggested props:

  1. A set of dumbells. Mine weight 8 pounds each. If you have multiple weight sets prepare them for variety.
  2. Booty bands.

I am mostly using long resistance bands that you can tie together in order to adjust them as a loop band. I tie 2 together for a long band. You can purchase them at most fitness stores, Marshalls, Ross and other discount stores. Amazon carries a large variety of bands. These ones are highly rated and have a door hook which I would love to do in future classes 

or Loop Bands-

3. Ankle weights. They can be interchangeable with the bands. Most exercises can be done with one or the other. I am including ankle weight exercises because they are very effective and will provide us with fast results and a different type of resistance for added reults. So I consider them to be worth the investment. Mine are very very old and not fancy but upon checking on Amazon I see that the most popular ones are with adjustable weights which is great

4. A stability ball- OPTIONAL. I love swiss balls and I used one in order to prepare for labor. You DO NOT need to get one if you don’t have one but we will use it in a couple of classes. These balls are good for core work. You can absolutely perform the exercises from a chair or from the floor so this prop is VERY OPTIONAL. A blanket for knee squeezes can work as well. Balancing our muscles is very important to me. For pelvic balance, we need to balance leg opening (abduction) with leg adduction. So in some of the classes, we will place a blanket or a ball between the legs for inner thigh squeezes.

Swiss Ball-

Mexican Yoga Blanket – I have these gorgeous ElPaso Hand Woven blankets

That is pretty much it. Dumbells and bands would be enough. Or dumbells and ankle weights.

Let me know if you have any questions. The time for the challenge is almost here and I am “squat” jumping with joy 🙂


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