30 Day Abs & Core Challenge Open to Everyone Moms Welcome

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Namaste Beautiful Yogis,

we are starting a 30 day Abs and Core Challenge! I invite you all to join in and get the party started. My goal for this challenge is to make building a strong core an exciting event of self love and care. All you need to do for this challenge is to come back to your mat daily and hit the play button. The rest is flowing with the class. If you need breaks or days off that is absolutely fine. Skip a day if your body or schedule asks for that and come back to the challenge the next day. Consistency and determination pays off. Every change TAKES TIME!!! Be patient with yourself and your body and remember that true change takes time. Some of the classes will be light, some will be …. well… brutal and yet others will be just yin flows and  meditations (new). So that we are nourishing our body and our soul.
We will work on the deep core, on the entire body as a whole, we will care for the back and spine as a part of a strong core, we will sinch in the waist and flatten the belly.
Why do we need to have a flat belly? Because a flat belly is a sign of a good digestive system. A strong core is a metaphor for a strong VALUE SYSTEM- “CORE VALUES”. It is a 3rd chakra expression of will power and inner strength to follow through with what you believe in. A strong abdominal wall supports your inner organs and therefore contributes to your overall health. Are you convinced by now that you want to join in and you want a strong core?

For some of this classes you will need BANDS  (these are the ones I am using)

For some of the classes you will need a chair and a wall 🙂

For some of the classes you may need a DIP STATION . I am using The Ultimate Body Press and I love it. I have had it for 7 years and have gotten a great use out of it so if you have the space at home it is a good investment. If you don’s have a dip station then you will simply modify the exercises that require a dip station with leg lifts from the edge of an ottoman / table or with elevated plank and knee tucks or simple squats.

You may also need a SWISS BALL – this one comes with BANDS included so you get both in one.

Some weights may be useful for some of the classes so if you don’t have dumbells be creative with that.

Overall everything can be done with just bodyweight but the minimal equipment I use does add value to the workouts.

If you must get just one thing then get theBANDS  or the combination of SWISS BALL and BANDS. Worth the investment!

You will also need a positive – get it done attitude yet also an honest self caring attitude that lets you know if you need to push through a class or you need to rest that day. I have videos on over- exercising and i ma a big proponent of daily workouts yet I do rest if I my body is going through a stressful period such as lack of sleep, increased inflammation, too much activity, etc.


I know many of us are not competitive at all and that’s why we love yoga BUT I want to give you an incentive to finish this challenge and give your body a strong core. Take before and after photos and the smiliest, most exciting photos will win a 3 month membership on my website! So this is a friendly competition with YOURSELF! You are bettering yourself and growing on many levels- physically becoming stronger, committing and sticking to a commitment, willing to take care of your own self- self love and care.

The challenge DOES NOT require a membership and I will treat you to some VIP classes plus my public classes. I do invite you to join my membership as this helps me keep going forward with my offering.

THIS CHALLENGE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVEL PRACTITIONERS. Please! listen to your body and modify any exercise that is not suitable for you at the moment. My main mission as a teacher who offers home classes is to teach my virtual students that we all need to listen to our own body because no one knows our body better than our own selves! We are all our own best teacher, our own guru, our own healer! I strive to offer the best tools that can get you on a path of self led healing, growth and self knowledge. There is nothing more powerful than knowing your own self. KNOW THYSELF!

Onto the challenge.


A mellow intro into the challenge. This class is not super intense but it will get your juices flowing and warm you up for the rest of the week.


Getting heated:


Alternating intensity with a lighter day




Gently Loving your CORE

A quick 6 min Day

or a twisting vinyasa. Twists are probably as important as abdominal exercises are in building a strong flat belly. This class is great for intermediate practitioners. Beginners can stick with the 6 minute abs or modify this one.


Your BUTT will be ON FIRE tonight (just FYI). Why “butt” you may ask. Because you do need a strong booty when building your CORE and your SIX PACK.


Super Easy (physically) yet a super important class of learning to connect to the DEEP ABDOMINAL WALL – TVA (transverse abdominis) This class is something I designed for new moms after the abdominal wall has been stretched and the muscles are completely inactive. However this class is a must do for every single person. Come to it every so often because A STRONG FOUNDATION is GOLD.


Meditation coming

DAY 10

A strong yet quick INTERVAL YOGA Class that brings attention to the lower back strength as well.

if you are a beginner you can instead do this:

Come back on October 30th for the next 10 days!!!

I cannot wait to see you then with a super exciting next schedule. We will do some HIIT, some yoga, some bodyweight exercises and some yin classes.

(do not forget to take your before and after for a chance to win a membership photos as those help me spread the word for my classes while they help you stay motivated)


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  1. rosannadell's Gravatar

    yay! So excited to start this challenge! I would say day one was moderately challenging, as you said…you are NOT a postpartum wimp. I joined you in the find your core challenge and now I’m much more in tune and able to engage my core. Im 2.5 years postpartum, and I am hoping that this challenge will help me with the bloating i get in the evenings. I eat vegan and clean, and do a version of intermittent fasting that has helped my digestion some, but I suspect a weak core has been part of my problem for many years. And concerning the chatarunga challenge, that is my alltime favorite workout, soooo hard that i never would have noticed your pants falling down because I’m so winded and jumping around so much!!! 🙂

  2. maureen's Gravatar

    A 30-day challenge heading into eating season rather than afterwards in January? Yes! Perfect timing. To answer your Day 1 question: It was challenging, it made me sweaty and out of breath, and the stretching did “feel delicious.”

  3. MARGOT ROCHE's Gravatar

    First part of challenge done…. managed all ten days. Thanks Ali you’re an inspiration…Challenge 2…. bring it on!

  4. Asnellgroves's Gravatar

    Hi Ali, can you post the link for the next part of this series?

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