12 MINUTE Glooty Program – Booty and Glutes plus More

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we are starting an exciting new program – 12-minute Glooty – Glutes meet Booty. A fun spin on words. The new classes will be fun, short, and creative. Maybe I will have a go at it with all the anatomy words haha. During what I would consider one of the most intense and busy periods I have experienced in my life I resorted to short classes whenever I can sneak them in. These types of classes are enough to maintain muscle strength, endurance, and even muscle mass but more importantly than that they are an island of sanity when the world is spinning fast around me. Even though the classes may be fast – they make the world come to a still, they empty my mind and reset my mood, emotions, and state. They are also great for releasing tension in our tissue. Another very important aspect of short classes is that they allow you to stay in shape physically and mentally no matter how little time or space you have to yourself.  I am going to share what practically worked for me during such challenging times.

A reminder- take at least one day a week for rest. You can do housework, a walk,


Booty-us Maxim-us

12 minutes or so of Booty and Core and Cardio Workout.


The 12 min Booty at the beach. Again core, legs, shoulders, and more. We are repeating some of the new moves both on Monday and Tuesday so that we can really integrate them.


Fluid Abs

Upper Body Dumbbells



Pilates Booty


Booty Boost


Irish Moss




108 Heat HIIT


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  1. Maureen Noonan's Gravatar

    I’m so excited for this program. My dance card is filling up quickly this holiday season; these compact classes will help ensure I keep up with my practice. Thank you, Ali, for intuitively knowing what I need.

  2. Marcela2825's Gravatar

    Namaste, soooooo happy to be part of this community again, thank you Ali, my heart sends deep appreciation for your work and personality, I love your nurturing nature. Let’s goooo!

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