VIP 292 Yoga for Anger

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70 minutes long

Yoga for Anger. Energetic breathing is healing for days when we feel Angry.

Acknowledging and accepting how we feel is extremely important in order to be ready to transform emotions.

Below is a graph of the emotional spiral. I have to say that there are no bad or good emotions. They are all needed and all a part of our Earthly experience. Certain emotions such as Anger allow us to generate energy and create change.

In life, we cannot just experience Joy. There are times when we will be challenged and being prepared can serve us to grow with the least amount of suffering.

That being said there are a few emotions I personally consider “bad” or emotions that do not serve me. They are jealousy, revenge, pessimism. There is no room in my heart for those as I have crowded them out with optimism, trust and inspiration.

Which emotion is your biggest challenge?


A few causes for anger:

situational, lack of sleep/rest, not following intuition and thus doing things in life that we don’t want to do; poor liver health, toxicity in diet (leads to toxicity in mind); parasites or viruses can affect our mental state as well, exposure to EMF; often times is misplaced energy- excess of energy (a good yoga sesh gets that straightened out); a feeling of inadequacy (deepening our awareness can be healing here); on a positive note anger can be the force that is needed to pull us out of depression or sadness;  and so many more reasons.

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  1. MOLLY A EISEN KEARNS's Gravatar
    MOLLY A EISEN KEARNS 10th January 2019, 3:04 am


  2. Sammy_K's Gravatar

    Beautiful class!! I love it…. Also the fact that anger is a emotion/feeling and then you must switch you’re focus in stead of staying in the emotion. Most psychologists tell you how to deal with anger and you must count to 10 or just find out why you are angry. Then look at when you get angry and also what happend before you get angry. But every human is different and thinking about why you are angry just not helping. But accepting and just look at the things you are grateful off. With me i just get angry because everything is not going my way, or people who hurt me and disrespect me, people who are judging me and that kind of things. But anger is a emotion that is living his own in me and come out whenever it wants and it is the way i am and in stead of fighting it is accepting that so much better….
    After this class i was so much calmer. I just didn’t care that i was angry and also i find it a strong class to. My mind definitely calm down.

    Thank you Ali i will come back to this class more often :-).


  3. jefimjaa's Gravatar

    Thank you for this amazing class Ali. I noticed calmness and acceptance in my heart.Namaste

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