Yoga class Schedule Week 3

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Yep…we are already moving into week 3. I know you are thinking, “Hey…that last week was so fabulous that I thought we were on maybe day 4!” HA! Kidding aside…get ready for another wonderful week with Ali!…piling on those ab packs and lifting those beautiful booties!! We have got some arm cannons and lots of obliques in there too! Oh and watch out for some serious cardio! Have a great week filled with hopes, dreams, and lots of self-respect. You are working hard and you deserve that! Lets get calm and strong. xoxo, L

AK 63 300 rep Butt Lift and Hip Openers Impact Interval Booty Yoga

This class…as expected…has 300 Lunges in it! I hope you are ready and willing. I know you are! The sitting pigeon and other stretches will feel like heaven! You will really enjoy the class warm-up…and will melt like butter with the cool downs! xo, L

AK80 Balkan Fusion Advanced Workout 12 mins HIIT YOGA MIX

This little short is gonna make everybody cry. I am just sayin’ so you will be ready! There is a split lunge in here that will literally numb your butt up quick as a wink! The weighted lifts are modified just so they are accessible to everyone. If you think they are too easy! heh heh heh…go on ahead and do the full lift! You will know where ya been when this ones over. Ali is a monster here. I love this challege class and repeat it… in lieu of self flagellation …on a regular basis! Love and grunts xoxo, L

AK73 Energizing Morning Intermediate Yoga “Coffee Cup” Core FULL BODY

This is a niiiccee morning class!..Just what a tired body needs. Ali really did an excellent job of using poses that could be leveled up or down…The reverse planks were amazing(your going to like them even better after you are done with them.)…There is some back strengthening work with Lotus Pose in here for Lotus Fans (like me!) Ali is…as always, a beautiful way to start a day. xoLaura

Thursday- check out Ali’s Channel for the new HIIT plus stretching class.

AK16 15 minutes Ab and Core Workout Full Class Planks Variations Body
This is a quick, intense core and ab class (16 minutes). You may think it is short…but every second of this class is utilized. You will work it all out in this little powerhouse. Happy Friday! Have some fun. xo, L

AK21 Power Yoga class CORE, LEGS, LOWER BODY, INTERVAL Cardio Endurance

Let’s move toward closing the week off strong with this little monster! It has a bit of everything in it. Some of the Ali blessed highlights are planks holds…(thank you abs and core)!, warriors all, crow pose, twists in all combinations and forms, warrior 3 to lunges (I love this one!), a L-O-N-G pigeon!!!, frog pose, and “AHHHH”…inner thigh stretches. Enjoy and be ready to feel the calm spread! xo, L

ABS VINYASA Flow Class Digestion Detox All Levels Flat Belly

Slow stretches, folds, lunges and planks/side plank holds here….just to wring us out after a really stunning week of yoga classes. After you are done you can look back at this weeks yoga and know that you definitely made some serious yoga magic and growth! Enjoy your Sunday…namaste and love, xo, L

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  1.'s Gravatar 29th December 2015, 5:02 pm

    I’m feeling great. Monday I did the new arm balance yin yang. Today I did AK63.
    I’m loving these schedules. Tomorrow will be excellent I’m sure. Will do AK 73 (as scheduled) or swap with ABS VIN Flow. Yay!
    Thank you Laura.

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