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Monday – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class Core Abs All Levels Meditation Strength Flexibility

This intermediate class is full of many wonderful progressions. GET READY TO WORK!!! Progression and transitions are one of Ali’s many trademark strengths. This class starts out of the gate into very strong postures. The first set is side plank abs and obliques. One can never get enough of those! She then flows us through many lunges, twists, and holds. And… just when you thought you were “home stretching” it…”ka-pow” …back to those beautiful side planks abs and obliques. You will also see plunges, lunges, squats and twisty stuff. You will definitely surrender any kinks you have to this class. I will save a few surprises for you. This is a very strong class…so be prepared. At the end, as a reward for hard work done, Ali’s sulty, soothing voice will revive you with a lovely closing quote. And then…thank goodness…savasana. You will KNOW…with out a doubt…that you accomplished something truly amazing a the end of this class!

Tuesday – Core Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 Intermediate Free Yoga Class Experienced Beginner Abs

I thought I would wind it down a notch with this lower key class today. Just enough to stretch you out…and get things moving (after yesterdays monster class!). This is a beautiful class on so many levels. The pace…perfect…the poses…interesting and engaging. I really loved the down dog with a straight leg out to the side…moving into plank with a knee circle…Wow…tough and great! Ali really shines in this class…as ever…graceful…open…warm…and so very lovely. This class is a class for anyone. If you are working at transitioning into a higher level…or are intermediate/advanced and need a recovery class. Enjoy this beautifully paced class.

Core Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 Intermediate Free Yoga Class Experienced Beginner Abs

Wednesday – Booty challenge class from Florence

Get ready for your booty to be officially challenged! This is a beautiful class if you are looking to tone and strengthen the booty. I will tell you from past experience. This class…over any booty class I have ever done with Ali…with leave your poor ol’ booty sore for several days. Me…I love that because it means we hit the right spot. Hold onto your hat though…this class is moving you toward booty heaven. If you doubt me…take a good look at Ali’s booty. Am I right? You know I am! xo
Booty challenge class from Florence

Thursday – GO TO Ali’s Channel for the new Thursday Class.

Friday- Intense Yoga Class Advanced Christmas Challenge 2 Irish COFFEE CUP

Merry Christmas! I love this full-strength classe in a mini-sized time slot. This is great during a very busy time of year…I love all of the twisted, bound half-moons…yikes! Hopefully Santa brought us some balancing skills!!!

Saturday –
SUPER MOON FLOW Vinyasa Yoga Powerful Yin Affirmation for Gratitude an Happiness

For those unfamiliar with Yin classes…a Yin class is a very slow and deliberate flow class where each standard yoga pose is held for a prolonged period. Using your breath, you bring yourself to an inward meditative focus while employing a Pranic Breath (slow in and slow out…like you are fogging a mirror with the breath). If you have never experienced a Yin class you are in for a treat. Get ready to be very relaxed.
SUPER MOON FLOW Vinyasa Yoga Powerful Yin Affirmation for Gratitude an Happiness

Sunday – AK66 Morning YOGA for Energy SEQUENCE HIIT Full Class

This is a really challenging interval class…I really enjoyed the table top (same side) dancer’s pose. I had to pause and repeat ( 3 times) before I was able to balance….Always LOVE the Burbies!!!??? Whew…But the more we do them…the stronger we get…and the better we like them…Right? Go Figure! This is a really fun class and it completely held my attention and focus. It was creative, fun and challenging ( The Fab 3) as all of Ali’s classes tend to be.

AK66 Morning YOGA for Energy SEQUENCE HIIT Full Class

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    Awesome, Awesome schedule ! Great work!
    Thanks !
    I’m so grateful to have this to follow. Now there’s one less thing to think of or make a decision about at this time of year!
    Peace Love Joy

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    Whoosh! Week 2 done 🙂 was a blast! Thank you Ali and Laura!! <3

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