VIP 62 A 15 Minute Upper Body Strength Workout All Levels

Namaste Beautiful Yogis,

I am working on our next yoga class which is going to be a long and involved ashtanga interval fusion sequence. Meanwhile I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the year, sticking to their resolutions; healthy diet and practicing along with me.

This workout is a perfect workout for days in between your yoga practice when you don’t want to skip all working out but you don’t have the time or the energy for a strong class.

Use it as a quick upper body strength builder. You don’t need a gym for that. You can literally manage your strength workouts from home in a very quick manner and they will be extremely effective!





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  1. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    i missed the coffee cup workout or interval yoga impact yoga, yesterday i did the vip leg abs burnout compr o my got my legs my butts still acing:) one question for you if you feel your body like this nest day or days should we continue with similar workout or do more stretchy ones which one you recommend after doing burnout workouts?

    • admin's Gravatar

      It depends on your energy level. overall do not repeat the same workout and if you have energy for a strong workout just go for a workout with an overall different focus. if your energy is a bit more mellow then go for a stretchy yoga class. 🙂 <3

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