Vegan Nori Wraps with Raw Pumpkin Spread

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Hola Beauties,

I have been eating very simple for 3 months. maybe 7-10 ingredients a day – counting herbs and spices. I excluded salt and stimulating spices such as garlic and multiple complex ingredients from my diet. The results are great- clarity, lightness and overall experiencing more pleasure from my simple food but tonight I decided to go nuts with my dinner and i created something truly fantabulous! This recipe is so delicious – I almost dare to say it’s TOO DELICIOUS!!!

this is a flavor explosion recipe that I didn’t even mean to share but it turned out so good that i better hurry up and write down or it will be forever forgotten 🙂

Pumpkin Spread:

Whole Red Kuri Squash – whole, seeds and skin included.

Carrots – 2-3

Cauliflower- 3-4 big florets

Almond or Coconut Milk

Small red or yellow sweet peppers – 2-3

Cowboy Rub Seasoning- substitute for any other favorite seasoning

Wasabi Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar

Garlic- 1 clove



Red Beet Spread Variation:

To the above add:

Beet – 1/4 of a medium size beet

Chipotle pepper or hot pepper

Fenugreek, Mint, Savory, Thyme, etc

Blend well with a High Speed Blender

I used some fajita spice and extra wasabi powder

The pumpkin seeds definitely gave it this nutty, creamy flavor and texture. You do need a high speed blender to ensure they blend into a smooth paste. Same goes for the pumpkin- some of you may need to steam it before blending in order to make sure it’s smooth.

kabocha celery

For the wraps you can use nori sheets or collard greens as the wrap and for the filling feel free to use any ingredients you love:




Shredded Carrots, beets



Layer the spread onto your nori sheet, i sprinkled some home dehydrated celery leaves for the salty flavor and some lettuce on top. Then roll, cut and enjoy!

The spread made with extra almond milk makes a great soup!





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  1.'s Gravatar 28th July 2015, 2:41 pm

    Wow! This sounds amazing! Just the kind of thing I’m into right now.
    One question, just to be sure, you blended a whole RAW squash?

    • admin's Gravatar

      Karla- yes i blended the squash raw, with the seeds in a high speed blender. this squash is very soft and it blended to a cooked consistency – so depends on your blender and how firm the squash is – but overall the taste and consistency was superb – the seeds gave it a nutty flavor too.

  2. rosadubnz's Gravatar

    Omg Ali these look incredible, i know what im making tomorrow!! :O

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