Spices and Miscelanius Additions to Diet

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Diet is always a hot topic. No matter what the diet trends are – Keto, Superfoods, Raw, Paleo, Low Carb, Snake Diet and so forth there is always so much mystery about the perfect diet. First of all obviously not everyone will have the same results on the same diet. My speculation here is that the mind is the final decider so the external conditions can help maybe 50% but the internal mechanichs of the person will pretty much decide the outcome of any diet.

This has been on my mind for a while and since I haven’t made a video about it I figured a blog post on the subject will work.

Many people have left the vegan diet because of different reasons.

So I have been contemplating why do I feel so good on a vegan diet but other people don’t. Of course we are all different and our environment is so very different. Living in warm climates and areas where food is grown is a key factor.

In northern areas with low sun light and not enough plant foods the addition of maybe eggs or certain sustainable animal products might help. Eggs can certainly be a no-cruelty food. I am not convinced in their health benefits but if there are lack of plant foods they can be helpful.

Another reason I am sure helps a lot is Intermittent Fasting.

I have always liked Intermittent Fasting. Right now it is a Buzz word, lucky me. I am doing a modified day fast which means I am not strictly on water. I intake teas, lattes and juices and would even have small bites of chocolate. Yes, that’s calories but it is not a meal.

If I eat many times through the day my digestion suffers and I start feeling sluggish. If I eat one main meal a day I feel incredible and my digestion is near damn perfect.

I feel that every little detail in our diet does matter and adds to the success of it.

The reason for today’s post is to discuss the random items I add to my diet that I am certain help with my success on my particular diet which happens to be vegan.

I love having nutritious drinks throughout the day. I have carob or molasses lattes- these are high in calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. Peanut Butter Powder Lattes- these are high in protein. I also have rotated in and out of my diet Moringa Lattes, Matcha and Cocoa Lattes. Cocoa is very high in iron and if I crave it I definitely go for it.

When we talk about diet we don’t often discuss these small but important details about a person’s diet.

Next- onto water.

I often have Blended Stevia Lemonade instead of water because that helps me drink more water and because I make sure to have a whole blended lemon a few times a day. The whole lemon contains the pith and sometimes a few seeds so these nutrients matter. The pith is where the antioxidants are. We all have heard of grapefruit seed extract – it is a natural antibiotic.

Lemons are amazing for your skin and immunity and for you overall health.

Celery Juice is another favorite of mine. Recently the Medical Medium popularized it so you can go check out his articles on the subject. When I got obsessed with celery I didn’t know anything about the medical medium. I just knew how good celery juice tastes and also how well it goes with high fruit days when we need the natural sodium. Celery juice can improve your digestion and stomach enzymes, as well as stomach acids. Celery looks like bones so naturally it helps with bone health.

Let’s move onto herbs. I get obsessed with spices which are in fact herbs. I add a ton of spices to my food. Probably 10-20 x more than your typical sprinkle. I love the flavor and the added nutrients they provide. My favorites through the years have been:

aleppo peppers



spanish paprika (recently)

barberries (very antiviral)

“Barberries are rich source of vitamin C. Barberry also contains Vitamins B like thiamine and mineral such as Zinc. There is a chemical known as Berberine present in Barberry, which has a great medicinal value. This chemical acts as an antibiotic for killing bacteria, fungi and protozoa. The fruit, stem and the root bark of barberry contain chemicals such as protoberberine alkaloids and Isoquinoline, that are effective enough in treating several ailments.” Source

Elderberry Syrup

These are all beyond beyond Superfoods and I tend to eat them in abundance. They are all high in iron, selenium, calcium, zinc and other common or rare nutrients plus they are all very high in antiviral, antibacterial and cancer killing compounds. They are basically super-herbs that can be miraculous in how they affect the human body yet very available and very affordable.

I have a nag for finding superfoods before they become “SUPERFOODS” and I also have a nag for sensing trends years before the trend. I remember buying goji berries before they were named goji berries. I would go to the Chinese store and get this odd berry that took me forever to translate – Lycium Berry at the time. The clerk attendants would laugh at me – being the only non Chinese at the store, and give me soup recipes and ideas of how to use them. So at this point I trust my attractions to foods ๐Ÿ™‚

Another favorite of mine is Olives. They are bitter and also antiviral and I try to get the low sodium ones. In addition they look like ovaries so they have affinity to heal the ovaries. So the lesson is to listen to our cravings. Look at foods and see what they look and smell like. Look at the shape and color and contemplate what it reminds you of.

Seaweeds are another regular in my diet. Mushrooms can provide us with selenium and vitamin D (if grown outside).


Coffee which can also have medicinal value in my case. My diet is very alkaline so coffee tends to add the acidic element to it which in my case strengthens my stomach and improves digestion. Note: that can work exactly the opposite way in other cases where the diet is not every alkaline or your particular stomach PH is already too high. We do need a very acidic stomach which cancels out pathogenic bacteria in food and helps to break food down as the initial stage of digestion. Most people suffer with low stomach acid which can result in heart burn and oddly: acidity. The remedy for that can be celery juice. I don’t recommend coffee per say but I am observing it’s positive effects in my diet. Coffee is also bitter so it can help with liver detox. I do keep it at a small cup a day and do not go crazy with it. I also buy very very particular coffees that are low to medium roast and phenomenal complex flavor. Coffee is like chocolate and wine- a fermented connosuire substance ha ha.

Another addition to my diet which is not a spice but rather a food that provides massive nutrition for me is getting Asparagus when it is in season. It is high in zinc which is so very important especially on my whole foods plant based style diet.

If you are trying to detox becoming friends with raw broccoli is a good idea. It helps with detoxing the liver. Stage 2 detox. I was obsessed with it during my healing years and I am sure it was because I needed to clean up my liver after mold exposure. Broccoli also looks like cancer cells so it can be very good as cancer prevention. It is a known therapy for breast cancer. Especially broccoli sprouts. Many people complain about the digestability of broccoli. I have a theory. I think we can only disgest well what we eat often and abundantly. Our digestive flora adapts to our diet and if we include someting new it can take a while for it to adapt to that. For me personally I cannot think of something more soothing and easier to digest than raw broccoli. When it is not in season I am so so SAD because nothing feels better in my tummy than raw broccoli. That goes to show you how we all really adapt to our diet. I cannot even imagine how broccoli can cause gas or discomfort but the fact is that many people say it does. So we all really need to adapt to a healthy diet so we are able to digest healthy foods.

Other foods: sunchokes, artichokes, all seasonal fruits, exotic fruits from time to time. The list is so long.

I have heard that meat can really change our digestive flora and create a hostile environment for the digestion of many fruits and veggies and I have seen that to be the case with many people. Meat in it’s nature is very stimulating and can overstimulate the adrenals which is why often times people think it is very energizing or stimulating. However that does come with a price if you ask me.

Variety is another important aspect. Rotate your foods with the seasons. Don’t overcomplicate things. Don’t think what is good for you but rather go to the market and buy what’s in season, abundant, vibrant and beautiful. Learn to cook and prepare seasonal ingredients.

Other things to include in the diet are brussel sprouts, cauliflower, parsley, cilantro, radishes, leeks, pumpkins, potatoes, lettuces, kale, nuts, beans, coconut.

Being able to detox and clean up your body so much so that your cravings become pure and in tune with your needs is key. It may take years but keep at it. Often times we are so accustomed to a junk food diet that this is what our body’s cravings become. The microflora craves what it has adapted to. When you start craving tangerines or carrots that’s when you know things are starting to clean up.

Another sentiment here is to not be 100% perfect. I have found that to be more detrimental than helpful when it comes to pretty much every aspect of life including diet. Loosen up and flow with it. Have a piece of chocolate, half a slice of cake or some cookies on occasion. Of course healthy ones ๐Ÿ™‚ The ones that are made with organic and wholesome ingredients.

Enjoying life is key and there is a balance between being strict and being far too indulgent.

I am far from strict yet I do eat 90% whole foods. I eat a high raw diet. I have raw foods every single day. I also like steamed and cooked veggies. The other 10% is treats, wine, coffee and other foods not necessarily considered healthy by most. On my list they are beyond healthy. If something makes you feel good the next day after you ate it then it is good for you. I get a boost from wine the next day but I also drink it 20 times a year. If I drank it too much I would start feeling down from it.

Avoid anything that can change your microflora such as GMO grains, oily foods, fried foods, the dirty dozen non organic fruits and veggies, grains that have not been properly fermented, etc.

Another aspect is that nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect and healing for you. We all have karma and karmic lessons to go through and sometimes disease is inevitable. It is what helps us evolve and learn. Expecting perfection from a lifestyle is unrealistic. We have to forever learn, adapt, perfect and or tweak our habits and keep going with what our heart tells us is best. Listening to online experts can be very harmful because I see the experts moving along with the trends. They all jump on a new healthy wagon and a few years later they jump off along with their followers. Try to listen to the health advice of people who are older and have been practicing what they preach for a long while. Don’t take health advice from people in their 20s as the 20s by default are a trial, search and tribulation time for most people and they are bound to be tested in their believes. Also in our 20s we can very much eat the wrong diet and have enough reserves in the body to feel good. So drop the inexperienced experts and search out the people that live in your climate that have been doing what they preach for over 20 years. Listen to the people that inspire you and are smart and vibrant. The experts that do what they do succesfuly and long term in your climate are key. I can tell you to be vegan and eat amazing California oranges but if you cannot get the oranges my advaice is pure junk ๐Ÿ™‚

I see to many Youtube channels that just flow in and out of what’s trendy because most humans are easily influenced by external opinions.

I like humans that source from within and have wisdom that is from connecting to higher source.

Relax with food, appreciate it and let it be a healing source for you.

Love and Health

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  1. Rachel's Gravatar

    Ahhh I’ve missed your diet themed posts. What you say makes so much sense and will for sure help those who are confused amongst all the misinformation and fad-like phases that are prevalent in social media these days. Thank you for always bringing information that includes both facts and personal experience. Sending love xxx

  2. Karen Hogan's Gravatar

    I would love to hear more about how you incorporate all of the figs that you eat into your diet. I have heard you speak about eating lots of figs and your love of them. I love them too. Thanks!

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      I love figs for sure. When they are in season I just eat them as a meal. I can never do anything to them or combine them with other things simply because they are far too good on their own. I have not been a fan of dried figs but since I didn’t have a good summer fig season I have gotten them dry a few times. I just found chocolate covered figs from Spain – omg such delicacy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katy Murdoch's Gravatar

    Wow. You said it straight and peacefully…and covered it all. Gorgeous and wise words. You are certainly ahead of trends….You’ve been telling us yogis to drink celery juice for years

    Indeed food is only 50% of it…especially when we can’t get really clean diets in our modern world anyway. Relaxing about it all is so true and something we learn as we get older and release control. When my husband craves toast, I crave my broccoli soup about once a week. It’s not raw but it’s full of added herbs.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      Ah thank you. Yeah, the relaxed part does come with age. We all have to find a way to simply feel great. Yum to the broccoli soup <3 I love broccoli in all forms - RAW, COOKED AND everything in between lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Rachael's Gravatar

    I have been vegan now for a month and I have been vegetarian on and off for 3 years I feel better! No PMDD symptoms I just feel good! Although I turned 34 and I am scared that I look much older I get a hard time being vegan and someone said โ€œthatโ€™s why you are looking awfulโ€! It got to me. Iโ€™m loving blueberries and cherryโ€™s and lots of vegetables with beans, I do miss cheese and chocolate but staying strong cause the alternatives are getting better, thank you Ali you have made such a positive impact in my life oh yes another thing we are a mostly dairy free house as my daughters and paul are ready for this now too

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      I generally don’t tell people about my diet because I don’t leave room for opinions from strangers. They are simply not welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚ What kind of person can say that you look “awful”. That’s inexcusable. Plus you have been vegan for a month. It really takes years to adapt and just feel the results from a lifestyle like that. I would say first feel things deeply in your heart and being and take a while to even share that with the world. People sometimes can be so rude. Sending my love!

  5. Angelika's Gravatar

    Hi Ali, thank you for sharing!!

    I love sun chokes as well – I usually ferment them. Was wondering how you prepare them/ what you think the best way to have them is? We live in cold Ontario so they are a good staple right now.


    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      I really really love them raw with olives but also they are great cooked just the way we cook potatoes. I like stews. They are so good. The raw ones tend to be sweet and crunchy.

  6. Angelika's Gravatar

    I can see them going really well with olives. Will give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚
    You should consider doing a blog post on toddler nutrition as well, if you havenโ€™t already … sometimes I question if my breastfed 1 year old is getting all the nutrients she needs. Thank you and all the very best!

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