How I regulated my Periods and Hormones. PMS HEALING

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This is probably one of the most common questions on the Beautiful Yogis Group. How to deal with PMS, Menstrual Cramps, Cysts and hormonal imbalance.

I had terrible hormonal issues as a teenager. Hormonal acne, menstrual cramps and crazy mood swings before my periods. Add water retention and bloating to that.

What I did to heal:


Absolutely no dairy, not a drop! Not a dusting of whey protein that touched your food. Literally I had been on and off vegan for years and I never experienced such a profound change as the change I experienced when I went strict vegan for a few years. All my health issues disappeared. We really want to avoid eggs, milk and meat. Milk is the hormonal fluid of a pregnant or/and nursing mammal produced for her baby. You do not want to take her baby’s food and disturb your entire gentle hormonal system. I teach compassion in my classes because when we are not compassionate towards others we end up suffering ourselves.

Anyways we all have to learn and it is a learning curve and I get that.

No eggs – same! You do not want the unfertilized ovaries of another female animal. It will directly affect your eggs!

Meat is absolutely the hardest thing for the human digestive system to work through. It sits in your digestive system for a long time and clogs up your arteries, tubes, etc. It creates inflammation and it is also loaded with natural and added hormones.

No wonder most women suffer with PMS and cysts and endometriosis and a host of reproductive system issues. Our diets are just too perverted. The good thing is that it is never too late to learn and grow … and therefore heal.

Now that we covered the Vegans aspect of health let’s move onto what you should eat and take:

WATER! 2 Liters a day

Tea works as well.


Plant foods. Tons of fresh fruit! Truth be told when I first went strict vegan I wasn’t eating many veggies and that helped me heal and detox rapidly. Nowadays I eat a ton of veggies and greens and that is also very good for addig minerals to a clean and detoxed body.

Add beans, sprouted or fermented grains, seeds and nuts to the mix and you are good to go.



OK I had some hickups with my diet when I went through a separation and relocating back to LA again. I was having raw milk and non vegan bars that had whey protein in them and sure enough my issues with my periods came back.

I cleaned up my diet again and I took some powerful herbs which totally cleared up the last symptom I may have had.

I took 4 oz of FEM RESTORE HERBS. I forget how long it took me to finish it. A few weeks. I took a dropper 3-4 x a day. After I was done with this course I had little pain with my periods.

So I had to detox further and I added herbs right on the day of my period that relieved the pain and bloating. The exact formulas I took are discontinued but they had similar herbal combinations to these ones:

For PMS (few days before your period starts) PMS Comfort Herbal Formula for Support During

and I took a triple dose of a formula that contained cramp bark and ginger in it as soon as my period started . This one is fantastic Natures Way PMS with B6 Magnesium

If you suffer with heavy bleeding or/and anaemia add  loose NETTLES. NETTLES IS MY FAVORITE HERB/FOOD ON EARTH!!!!

IF YOU ARE VERY BUSY AND HAVE NO TIME TO BREW NETTLES GET ALCOHOL FREE NETTLE EXTRACT. I bought this last one after I gave birth so that I can strengthen my body after all the blood loss.

Nettles should be one of your main herbs in your healing cabinet!!!




For cramps an infrared light works wonders as well. I have one that has MANY applications but pain is one of them. You want 640-650nm RED LED lights that penetrate deeper.

Wishing you supreme health!!!




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  1. Frances mcshane's Gravatar
    Frances mcshane 7th June 2017, 1:30 pm

    Ali, do you have any knowledge or experience with saw palmetto for balancing hormones (ultimately to clear up acne). I’ve researched into it and as always there’s hit and miss information, some people swear by other people claim they lost their hair (scary thought!) I’d assume that the ones losing their hair probably took too much or something. Anyway, I welcome you thoughts if you have any to share 🙂 x

    • admin's Gravatar

      It is a strong herb. Best is to detox and let the body do the healing. Some herbs will be beneficial after the detox. For acne zinc can help as well.

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