Spaghetti Squash with Raw Green Vegan Dressing

spaghetti squash with raw green vegan dressing

spaghetti squash with raw green vegan dressing


Namaste BY,

I had to share this squash recipe with you because it turned out so great.

First cut the squash in two halves and place some chopped up tomatillos inside each half. If you don’t have access to tomatillos then I would imagine cranberries, green tomatoes, tomatoes, tamarind, dried persian limes and other sour veggies would work.

Steam it until very soft. I really don’t like it if its not cooked until very soft so to me that’s key.

Once it’s done I proceed to make a dressings in the blender. The dressing is really more of a cold soup.

On a side note: I quit all processed salt recently so the recipe is salt free so feel free to adjust it to taste. I must say one thing. When I was first quitting salt I couldn’t stop chugging celery juice and eating seaweed because if the sodium “withdrawals” and the high sodium content in both celery and seaweeds.

I have been off of all salt maybe for 2 months now and I am in shock of how good things taste without it. It seems to me that the flavor is enhanced multiple times. In addition processed salt seems to have too much of a harsh flavor. Almost chemical.

I still have seaweed if I need to. Tomatoes and celery are great sources of sodium as well. Herbs such as fenugreek leaf, savory and others tend to taste very salty once your taste buds adjust. So all in all a good transition.

I would still have some salt thats added to nut milks and such but you get my point.

Now to recipe.

I used chopped raw cauliflower, sweet yellow mini peppers (I used the seeds as well), coconut almond milk and greens (handfuls of each). Blend all this until very smooth. Adjust the consistency to your liking. The greens I used are molokkhia – Egyptian greens that taste like okra. So you can replace the greens for okra or say chard. The greens are not raw because I buy them frozen and I am pretty sure they are cooked pre-freezing. I love them nonetheless because using them is pretty much like making gumbo. I achieve similar texture and results. Normally I would cook them but I specifically needed to use something frozen tonight so I can serve this chilled.

I use a high power blender so if you are using a regular blender you may need to steam the cauliflower first in order to achieve smooth consistency – think cream of cauliflower soup.   Pour it inside the squash and sprinkle spoonfuls of dried herbs on top. Yep, I am very liberal with the mint, summer savory, fenugreek additions.

You can add any herbs and spices you have but I encourage you to experiment with ethnic store herbs- they tend to be out of this world. Some of you know I rave about aleppo peppers or even sumac.


Mix everything. Enjoy!



spaghetti squash with raw green vegan dressing

spaghetti squash with raw green vegan dressing

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