Sangha Our Interval Yoga Community with Ali

Part 2 –  Sangha
Our Interval Yoga Community with Ali-

by Laura Jones-Miller

May my feet rest firmly on the ground.
May my head touch the sky.
May I see clearly
May I have the capacity to listen
May I be free to touch
May my words be true
May my heart and mind be open
May my hands be empty to fill the need
May my arms be open to others
May my gifts be revealed to me so I may return that which has been given completing the great circle.

– Terma

Sangha is an inevitable part of a yoga. When people of like interests and mutual causes come together and begin to interact with one another a community begins to develop. A yoga community, however, becomes much more than just common interests.  Yoga, after practicing for a while, has a very certain effect on a persons mind, body, and heart (Dharma). One begins connecting with people who are experiencing this same cosmic transformation. The connection is very strong… everyone begins to try and understand what this beautiful transformation is about… that is Sangha.  Sangha is the community that develops when people begin to grow and change in the yoga world.  Dharma and Sangha take a lot of people by surprise. Many people initially begin the practice of yoga solely for the athletic benefits.  Therefore, when a student begins to experience the inner transformations that practicing yoga brings they are quite surprised and wish to join with others who are having the same experience.  People choose to cultivate relationships in a yoga community in a different way than they choose their other relationships.  Students develop a strong common bond with one another. They also develop a strong bond with their teacher(s).

In a yoga community teacher and student work together to include everyone., It is everyone’s role to assist and make welcome all students in the Sangha.  In our Interval Yoga Sangha, we have a wonderful role model in Ali Kamenova, our teacher. Her primary focus, from the very beginning, has been  to connect with her students. She is one of the most supportive and available teachers I have ever met. She has an innate understanding of what is most important in our Sangha… which is to make sure everyone is supported and valued. We are all very fortunate to have her. I believe that her presence has facilitated and accelerated growth in all of us who practice with her on a regular basis. She opened her door to all of us…she made everyone feel included and special.  She listens to our questions and develops classes especially designed to address our specific needs and interests. She has listened to our problems and our triumphs. She brought us thoughts from the heart …as well as an interview with Osho Watanabe that enriched our spiritual growth. She teaches us how to eat healthier without being judgmental.  For so many of us, she is a part of  daily life…like family. We, all together, with Ali at the front, have created a family, a yoga community, our Sangha.  So, as we continue to grow together, remember to send out some comic gratitude each day for this beautiful gift…Namaste my lovely friends in yoga…Oh, and thank you Ali, more than words can ever express.


Ali here: Oh my Laura, I am speechless. Boundless heaps of eternal Love my sister!!!! Thank you for YOU! Thank you for all your support and transformational, non judgmental love and empowerment. Lets circulate it and spiral that love out!!!

ali kamenova community

ali kamenova community

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  1. laurajones-miller1's Gravatar
    laurajones-miller1 11th June 2014, 6:05 pm

    Always Ali…always…That’s why we are all here! xoxoxoxo, L

  2. sunshine72011's Gravatar
    sunshine72011 11th June 2014, 6:59 pm

    That is so weird! I did not know that sangha was actually something that happens because I recently started yoga a few months ago just to learn how to do the splits again, and now I feel like I am an entirely different person! I was never that spiritual and I just lived. But even after these few short months everything about me is changing and I love it! Even eating meat, I remember when I first started yoga I was thinking gosh everyone who does yoga is a vegan and how weird I thought all you vegans were! But now I am so into learning more about being vegan and just living a healthy life style and I never ever ever thought I would be the one to think like this!! So reading this “article” really just amazed me that how much yoga can change a person! thanks to Ali you are the best!!

  3. benjity's Gravatar

    Laura, I had no idea what sangha was but I’ve experienced it! Thank you for explaining and you put words to what I didn’t even realize, but yes, yoga — interval yoga–with Ali at the helm gas changed me, is changing me in so many more ways than physical.
    Peace to you!

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