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Roots Yoga. The richness of the soil.

We are starting a new program. Moving the focus towards the roots and the ground. Establishing a strong connection with Mother Earth; creating stability and steadiness from that connection. 

We will focus on the energy of the part of the plant that is under the ground- often unseen, always powerful, immersed in the richness of the microbiome. 

We will contemplate the character of different plants and what kind of consciousness they bring into our life. 

Often times roots can be underappreciated, unseen, less glorified than the Fruits and the Flowers. Roots have the humility and the strength of the Earth element. They bring about physical and emotional connection to our core, inner Truth, and Guidance. 

They allow us to Reconnect to the Universal and personal Mother; to the mother element within ourselves, to the Nurturing energy in our life.

Resilence, the capacity to remove Depression and Pessimism, opening the way to Optimism and Grace – these are often the themes and the lessons roots bring to us. They allow us to cleanse the physical and emotional body from toxins and toxic thoughts. They help us get grounded, connected to the Earth, and thus nurtured. If we have strong roots then we will continuously grow and blossom and create healthy fruits. Any gardener knows how important setting roots for a plant is. If the root system is strong and aligned then the plant will thrive, have resilience to disease and pests, and less need for assistance and care such as constant watering, shade, sprays, etc. The plant will search deep for water, it will survive in harsh conditions and it will thrive because it will look for strength from the Earth rather than from the gardener.

Shallow roots on the other hand create fragile plants that need constant assistance, watering, spraying, and care. Small things can kill them and their fruits tend to be smaller and less abundant. And thus we shall be laying deep roots this month! We will allow Nourishment from the Great Mother to flow through us so we can give our Fruits to the rest!


I recommend that you do 5-7 classes a week. I vary the intensity, the mood, the length and the focus each day so we continue having fun while we provide the body with variety. Rest when you need rest. Take 1-2 days of rest when you feel tired. The schedules are a suggestion for each day- they make your life easier by saving you time. Feel free to modify any part of it.



The Venusian Beauty of Taurus. I am starting Astrology Series on Youtube. We will cover the energy of each sign.



A short 25-minute class. The intro is around 5 minutes long and it can give us a great idea for the visualization during the class.

Hot Potato Yoga
A strong Yoga Workout Class
The invisible Growth. Growth beneath the surface.


Thursday and Friday will be Fire so let’s immerse ourself in some water energy today before the fiery end of the week.



Preparing for that Lunar Eclipse on Friday with a Hot and Spicy Cayenne Class. The Full Moon is in Saggitarius – one of the Fire Signs.



Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday.
Lunar Eclipse
Do the 2 classes in whichever order suits you.
A penumbral eclipse of the Moon occurs on Friday 5 June, 2020 UT, lasting from 17:45–21:04 UT.
The lunar eclipse will be visible from parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa including other regions in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean.

A lunar Eclipse allows us to clear the emotional energy from the last 6 months. Thought patterns and inertia that has gained speed over the course of that time. We can explore the intensity of emotion it brings and let it reset and guide us towards a new way.
Saggitarius is the sign of Optimism and so is the Dandelion Root so we have a surprise-class Today.
Dandelion Root yoga for Optimism and Inner Strength. Removing toxic Thoughts. Healing Emotional Toxicity and addictive thought patterns.
Continuous Growth.
Removing Anger.


A quick but effective HIIT

If you prefer a touch longer class – you can do the Coffee and Cream Meditation coffee Cup or a more soothing class from Hawaii – Da Kane Winds Yoga. For a longer vinyasa – you can choose the Chamomile Herbal Yoga Flow. 


A longer Core Program Class



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  1. rosannadell's Gravatar

    Hi Ali, I did the hot potato workout today and it was soooo fun and sweaty. We are having the first real heat here and that helped make it hot! I have a question about potatoes. I have avoided eating them for the most part for the last few years because I have trouble getting very bloated when I eat them, even just half a boiled potato can make me like a ballon. I try taking off the skins and not eating them with fats but that doesn’t seem to solve it. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar
      Ali Kamenova 2nd June 2020, 5:20 am

      Hmm, I wish I had some but I really don’t know. It sounds intense. I would assume keep building your gut flora and overall that would affect your digestion. I haven’t had any trouble with them ever… maybe over time, you will be able to add them back into your diet. Try them boiled, baked, etc.

  2. Lfrederic's Gravatar

    The potato class is great!
    I couldn’t believe when it was over, definitely lost track of time with this one, and it was all done before I knew it.

  3.'s Gravatar 2nd June 2020, 5:16 pm

    Sofie was so adorable sitting up in the beginning of Hot Potato Yoga. Sophie kisses

  4. Katy's Gravatar

    Just finished the potato class!! amazing! you are amazing. I am thankful god works through you to all of us

  5. JasminBronkhorst's Gravatar
    JasminBronkhorst 3rd June 2020, 8:23 am

    Amazing classes!! I love the roots theme! 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Kiki_mb's Gravatar

    The moonflow was so delicious and juicy!

  7. Thummel1's Gravatar

    I just did the Taurus Yoga class outside on my deck on a gorgeous sunny day, and during the final relaxation our monthly sirens went off in town. I’m sure there’s some strange connection to the divine I’m missing on that since I about had a heart attack lol. But beautiful strong flow and will do it again

  8. Kristel's Gravatar

    Hello Ali and everybody. I’ve been home almost three months from work with the global circumstances and although I’ve been following Ali’s classes since 2013. This is the first time I could practise consistently with Ali everyday for three months non stop. Man ! I’ve gained some muscles :)) I’ve had muscles before in some periods in my life, but that was more from weights and not from interval yoga. I love how the classes evolved after the birth of Lotti 🙂 I am 45 now, having my Ketu growing up-pains for those into astrology, but the mat and I hope for a long long time Ali’s influence will stay with me. Some periods every day, some periods way less. That’s how it goes for me. I start to work again on monday with probably too many rules to follow (ugh). Let’s see how that goes. Ali you left LA in time ! Ali, how many yoga outfits do you have :))) ? Everybody, I wish all the best for all.. rocky (Aries) times. We are on the very very beginning of getting out of the dark times. It will take many many years more to evolve where some of humanity already feel a glimpse of. Ali, you are one of them. With all your fire, Mars and Pluto and Pisces energy. Thank you for these three months of support <3 To be continued 🙂

    • Maureen Noonan's Gravatar
      Maureen Noonan 6th June 2020, 5:39 pm

      ❤️❤️❤️ what you said, Kristel. It’s been a precious gift to have had the luxury of joining Ali every day since March while working from home.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      Ah thank you so much for this wonderful comment. Yes, there is so much growth we all have to do as humanity. We are probably taking the very first steps now. I hope you are able to do some yoga now that you are back to work. The ebb and flow of everything is a part of life. It nourishes you in different ways. I have a few yoga outfits – 🙂 . I have collected them over the long years haha 🙂 And i wear the same shorts every day otherwise haha Sending you my love and gratitude.

  9. Andrea's Gravatar

    Hi Ali, I loves the dandelion class! In my indian astrology book it says, dandelions are the plants of the aries…

  10. Charlotte Gourmel's Gravatar
    Charlotte Gourmel 7th June 2020, 5:40 pm

    Awwwww thank you for this bonus astrology series <3 Very interesting , learning more and more about taureen energy, its elevated side is fascinating, at the heart of our times! Loved the practice and the dynamic stretches with reversed plank particularly at the end <3 Loved the meditation music <3 Feeling happily rewired hehe

  11. Enelinm's Gravatar

    Just finished the dandelion and feel amaaazing. I must say I love it when you add some beats to the classes. For me it is much easier to flow with music, it really helps me to stay in the moment and connect to my body. I have tried to put some music on the background myself but it never feels quite like it 🙂 You are amazing Ali!!

  12. Imkaa's Gravatar

    I also loved the dandelion class with the music and the turns in the end. Circular turns are a good way to move from one side to the other. X) Its fun. I didnt find the time to do the other classes yet. Thank you! ^^

  13. racheldyoga's Gravatar

    Hi Ali <3 this week was phenomenal. I loved the dandelion class, potato yoga, and moon flow. I have to say, the Taurus class is my all time favorite class of yours… I loved your recommendation to wear pink and place pink crystals near you…I used a rose quartz as my drishti point and it was really powerful. Your Taurus rising nature really shined brightly through this class via your words, energy, and postures…I felt like I was being bathed in pure Venusian energy and beauty.
    I have been wondering this for a little while. Do you plan out your yoga classes and create an outline of the postures/sequences you will cover in class? Or do you decide on a theme & then teach intuitively? Maybe both? I connect with your teaching style so much and have just been curious about that. Thank you!

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar
      Ali Kamenova 2nd July 2020, 7:21 pm

      Ah, thank you. I had a vision one time that my soul is from Venus so maybe that’s why the Venusian theme in my life haha. 🙂 Funny you should ask- I just did a class for week 3 of the Phenomenal World called spontaneity where I answered that exact question (before you asked it). I do not plan anything 🙂 almost ever unless it’s a HIIT. The only thing I like to prepare is the theme and then I hope that the poses and moves related to that theme will flow through. Preparing a theme has been great for me. So that is something I will consider having a lesson about when doing the teacher training. It’s all energy and i feel that when i stay open I can be more creative. I am so happy you liked the Taurus. At this point, I need to look at it again to remind myself about the poses but I think it was similar to some of the Fruit and Roots Classes, right?

      • racheldyoga's Gravatar

        You are truly the embodiment of Venus! Wow – that is funny! I just started week 2 of the Roots program, but I am looking forward to the Phenomenal World once I get there. The Taurus class was a strong vinyasa, with elements of HIIT, standing poses, seating poses, it was a really well-rounded, versatile class. I just remember being so present and fluid in my body, as well as sensual and strong. Divine Feminine energy.

        This is a random question, and I can DM you on instagram if you would prefer that, but does Jonny eat meat? I always seem to be conflicted on how I feel about dating someone who eats meat. I would like to think that I wouldn’t mind, because everyone’s body has different needs, but on a deeper level it sometimes feels bothersome to me. I would love to hear your opinion on this. Thank you!

      • racheldyoga's Gravatar

        I forgot to say, your classes and teaching style are one of a kind! So it makes sense that your classes aren’t planned ahead. I really resonate with the intuitive, free flow type of movement..after all, we are channels for divine truth and inspiration to flow through

      • racheldyoga's Gravatar

        I just stumbled across your vlog series from 2017 and I am loving these behind the scenes videos! and an added bonus, my previous question about Jonny eating meat was answered 🙂

  14. Charlotte Gourmel's Gravatar
    Charlotte Gourmel 7th July 2020, 8:11 pm

    Since a long time I wanted to do the dandelion class, finally could take the time! It was brilliant, so complete. Really needed some flexibility work and this was perfect. Namaste <3

  15. bridgetbarling's Gravatar
    bridgetbarling 26th August 2020, 6:55 am

    Hey Ali! I loved the dandelion class. It felt different than the usual classes. I loved the music in the beginning, it got me in the mood. Thank you. <3

  16. Kasia_Mana's Gravatar

    Ali is the best <3 very unique and simply wonderful!!!

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