Intuitive Art classes with River Cloninger

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I want to welcome River to the website,


she is a yoga student, an herbalist, an artist who will teach Intuitive Art classes in her own area of the website.


River is an intuitive artist, she teaches how to develop this skill and grow your own intuitive style, to spark your own creativity, inner joy, and peace from within. This kind of art is very healing for any energy, emotions, the psyche, it can be calming or energizing for the nervous system. It can begin to develop your own flowing creative aspects, putting you in touch with the innermost you. She speaks on chakras, meridians, energy, and body tuning tips during class as well as showing some foundations of art so you can have a base to begin from. She goes over how to turn on your inner voice, how and what to listen for, any blocks to your energy flow and suggests some simple remedies that you can access anytime to get back in alignment.

Explore deeper with your soul and heart. Each class is different and flowing to unlock creativity and get you moving outside the box. Shine your light. Let’s do this together πŸ™‚

Art is a healing modality that can help us on our journey of being creators, healers, and visionaries.

Ali is excited to give a platform to healers, teachers, and intuitive in our community and to see her community and offering grow.

This is the start of something New and Exciting and I hope you can share it with your own community.

I hope you will enjoy River’s classes – she is improving on her shooting technique which takes a few times to straighten out.

We are envisioning this turning into a long-term membership for adults and children with added tools for self-healing, self-improvement, and soul-fun.

Intuitive Art classes with River Cloninger

Lesson 1 Art

We go over what art is, the foundations, and we also dive into any tools needed, the initial connection to your art. Dive a little into your expressions, your visions, and your inner self.

Lesson 1 Part 2

Channel your Emotions


Lesson 6 a talk

Different Elements + Themes

Lesson 7


How to Begin a Painting
How to begin! Walk with me through starting a painting, get the creative juices flowing πŸ™‚

More Next week.



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