How I cured Mastitis in One Day with Simple Home Remedies

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Mastitis is no joke. After I gave birth and I started breastfeeding my mom kept mentioning it to me because it happened to her while breastfeeding me. She always talks about it as pure hell. I didn’t pay much attention to my mom because I figured my diet is spot on and somehow I will avoid clogged ducts 🙂

Well… when I was transitioning from colostrum to milk I started getting engorged. One day baby decided to sleep for 7 hours and then another 5 so by that evening I was experiencing some massive burning in my left breast.

The next day there was a huge red flaming spot on my skin and oh boy … PAIN!

So I wanted to avoid googling mastitis because I didn’t want to confirm that that’s what I have in fact but after a day of procrastinating the inevitable realization that I do have mastitis I had to google the images and BAM yep- mastitis indeed.

So I took it upon myself to heal it as quickly as humanly possible. It was pretty much gone in 12 hours using just a few simple home remedies and techniques.

This is what I did to cure it quickly:

  1. Hot bottle on top of the spot where it is red and painful. You want to open up and bring circulation to the clogged duct area.
  2. Hot shower and massaging the breast towards the nipple. Imagine moving the milk out towards the nipple.
  3. Breastfeeding my baby every 2 to every 2 1/2 hours which is not her schedule but we did it for a day. She likes nursing every 4 hours since she was born except for the cluster feeding sessions or days and I basically followed and still follow her hunger cues.
  4. I took 2-4 odorless garlic caps 3-4 times a day. This is the brand that works for me  and also the best variety from my research. Kyolic is the way to go for many ailments including heart protection.
  5. I took oil of oregano 3-4 times a day 1-4 drops each time. AND this is important – I massaged a drop of oil of oregano diluted in coconut oil over the hot spot on my breast. I recommend that you always always always have oil of oregano in your first aid kit and your travel medicine kit. I have never used Tylenol or other medications over the counter or prescription because Natural Remedies are effective and often times more powerful than their chemical counterparts. This is my favorite brand.  

On a side note – what caused mine was my sports bra and not feeding for an extended period of time so do make sure that your bras cause no obstruction anywhere and you are not getting too engorged. I had just given birth so I didn’t have appropriate maternity wear. After breastfeeding is established you and baby will have a perfect harmony and routine and that wont be an issue any more but at first or in case you have to work and be away from baby then you have to be more careful. I ordered bras from amazon from Gilligan & O’Malley  called a Women’s Nursing Lace Bralette and I made sure to order a Large even though a medium would fit well as well so that the bra is a “relaxed” fit and that has worked amazingly!

Thats it! By night time 15 hours later or so it was gone and it hasn’t come back.

Hope this gets you out of trouble quickly!

I have a video on my Natural First Aid Kit. You can watch it below


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