DIY Charged Skin Mask – Pro level! DMEA, MSM, CLAY

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This face mask is amazing. It cleanses the pores and tightens the skin. It is a recent new addition to my regime and I LOVE IT!!!

It can help with sagging skin, it can minimize wrinkles.

It is an anti-aging, therapeutic luxury!

The mask itself is easy to prep. It requires a few key ingredients that you may need to order but once you have them they will last you a long while. The links I am including is the brands I ordered.

  1. First, you need  1-2 tbsp of clay of your choice. Right now I am using AZTEC CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY. Of course, you can use any clay and please let me know if you have a favorite clay. I love clay – it has so many applications besides being used for beauty facial masks. Clay draws out not just pore “gunk” but all kinds of impurities, insect stings, bites, cysts, etc.
  2. Liquick of your choice. Examples –  rose water, diluted with water vinegar, pure water.
  3. a 5th of a tsp or so DMAE Nutricost Pure DMAE-Bitartrate Powder – do not omit this one. Mix it well until it’s dissolved. You can pre-dissolve the DMAE in water first.  DMAE helps to tighten your skin, reduces sagging, improves firmness and elasticity, decreases wrinkles, and brightens the skin. It is a part of many high-end cosmetic creams and products. DMAE is an organic compound, naturally found in anchovies and sardines. It is an active precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that research shows can support mental concentration, memory, and learning.
  4. MSM Powder, 100% Pure, Raw Power. This one is from a USA DEDICATED FASCILITY SO i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Most MSM is probably sourced from china. MSM is amazing. I use it in my orange smoothies for joint health.
  5. A 3rd of a cap or so of either Myrrh or Frankincense Boswellia. Both help with inflammation, redness, and aging signs. Both as you know are a part of the Bible stories. Powerful botanicals. Also, Myrrh is used for parasites and liver flukes internally. Boswellia is used for joint pain.
  6. Optional – ashwagandha powder, matcha, turmeric.
  7. You can also include oil but it won’t dry up as much as when you keep it oil free. I used a bit of fresh aloe too.

Mix it WELL.

Apply on the face and neck and maybe ears or the pre-ear area. 


Rinse after 10ish mins or until it is dry and follow with my Tamanu DIY oil, AMLA OIL (high in vit C) , argan oil, or your favorite oil.


Love and please share your favorite DIY or ingredients below.


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