Into the Flame Consciousness Expansion Workshop – Online Sept 4-6

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Paradigm Shif. 3D TO 5D Consciousness.

My intention for this Workshop is for it to be a Gateway to a new experience. The purpose of this Workshop is to align us with a new path of consciousness so that we can shift our experience in the World.  It is a gateway, a New beginning. Not a means to an end but rather the first line in a new book.

No matter where you are,  there is always a new perspective waiting to reveal itself to you. Healing the soul is the key to that Paradigm Shift. Dissolving old belief systems that are limiting is a healing modality.

Learning is a never-ending process. That process leads to a level of clarity that we thirst for on a soul level. It can help us define our purpose, mission, work, and service in the world.

It can clear outside influences from the unconscious so we are intimately connected with Source. We turn inward for strength and guidance. Once you are aware of your shadow you are less susceptible to negative outside influences. It is the work that needs to be done in order for us to truly integrate the “positive”.

There is not one single method or truth at this stage that will be the absolute method. The workshop may take you days or months or even years to integrate but it is meant to put you on a path of self-discovery and remembering.

No one outside of you is your teacher. I am here as a part of you, presenting concepts that you yourself have aligned on a frequency level to experience.

This is a time of global consciousness expansion and I am here to share a set of tools and techniques that I perceive important for the current stage of collective consciousness.  They can help us deal with the coming times.

We may continue building upon it in future workshops if needed or we can continue the themes within the movement patterns of my classes.

This is an ongoing expansion and the learning never ends.

There is no level of awareness at which we cease to transform. Our goal is to integrate more of the soul into the human experience and after that, the goal is to widen and expand the creativity of the soul into the never-ending ascending densities.

At the current stage, I will start with the most practical tools that many of us need in order to move through this experience in an expansive way.

3 hours a day

4 pm -7:15 pm EST (still waiting to hear from everyone if that’s the best time)

A recording will be provided if you cannot attend it live.

Day 1:

Light yoga to awaken the senses.

Shadow work, shadow integration. The value of polarity as a guide through this experience. Release and surrender as modalities of integration. Acceptance, self-love, divine essence, wholeness. What we avoid persists and grows. INTEGRATION LEADS TO NEUTRALITY AND EXPANSION. Exercises within and as a group.

Acceptance and allowing the wholeness of experience to be integrated into the persona.

Day 2:

Movement yoga to get the chi moving.

Patterns, believe systems, attachments to shades of reality, and separateness of consciousness. Exploring/transcending boundaries as a means of experiencing freedom and finding our own creator experience.

Day 3:


Light yoga for expansion.

Preparing for the Future (the Now of the higher densities we want to tune into) by mapping out the Earth we want to see. Every one of you can lead a portion of this visualization meditation so we can create a singularity of vision. Envisioning through the heart- sharing as a group, togetherness meditation; declaration of Freedom, Soul Soveirnity. Ready for a new chapter of Soul Experiences.

Q & A

You can pre-submit questions as well.

Please be advised that this is a freedom-exploring, free-flowing workshop. We will allow everyone to explore ideas in an unlimited, unrestricted way. Nothing is off-limits. If you use terms such as anti-vaccers, conspiracy theorists, etc – this would be considered a limited way of viewing reality and this workshop is probably not for you. I want to explore Soul Sovereignty; I want to explore health and the nature of reality; I want to break out of the narrow view of the 3D world so we can prepare for a new era of consciousness; a New Humanity. I want this to be a space infused with clarity and honesty. Truth requires a lot of bravery, exploring our limits and old beliefs. 

Reality is far more layered than these terms allow it to be. These terms were CIA created in order to confuse people and steer them away from certain truths. Not everything mainstream is true and not everything that the mainstream fears is a lie.


If we really love it we can build upon it and either make it a part of an ongoing sit down membership level or a seasonal event.

This is a first online and shadow work workshop for me so we are stepping into a new territory that is hopefully the beginning of an ever-expanding journey.

Who is this workshop for.

1. Anyone that needs support through the current times.

2. Anyone that feels the raising of frequencies and needs tools and direction. Or just contemplation.

3. Anyone that is feeling the urge to dive into shadow work and the so-called negative aspects of themselves in order to integrate those and create a deeper wholeness of experience.

4. Anyone ready to question the patterns and structure of reality and the attachment to pain, trauma, and victimhood. Breaking down of programmed victimhood.

5. Anyone feeling uneasy with the mainstream narrative and view of reality.

6. Being embodied through feeling your feelings. Avoidance of feeling leads to different levels of unconsciousness which opens the person up to outside thoughts and entities. The embodiment allows us to be present and connected to Source. It allows for the frequencies to rise and the consciousness to expand. Avoidance is a very dull stage of consciousness but many are stuck there because moving out of it often takes us on a journey through grief, anger, and overall intensity. These stages are the healing stages.


Who may not want to attend the entire workshop.

You can attend Day 3 if you only want positive visualization work.

CHANGE experienced as Painful is a perception of reality. That perception can be changed but due to the differences, we all “share” 🙂 the path to that fine-tuning of ideas is different for everyone.

Change eventually becomes an ecstatic, liberating, and creative experience. It can allow us to shift our own frequencies, the frequency resonance in our relationship, and the experience we have as souls in human suits.

1. If shadow work triggers you – you must start from further out. There are steps that can lead up to it – such as a regular yoga practice, silence, meditation.

2. Anyone that is very triggered by working on old trauma and if you feel at the stage where it is overwhelming. Again, there are ways to work up to it. Everyone has a different process but the ultimate goal is awakening to the parts of us that are sleeping, the unconscious, the subconscious program. Healing and pattern dissolving is one of the first steps that we take on the path of freedom and soul sovereignty. The ultimate goal is releasing attachment to trauma and persona but the paths to that are many.

3. If you do not feel like the frequencies are rising and you feel that everything is similar to previous times. On the other hand, if you sense there is some intensity in the unseen as well as the seen layers of existence then this will be somewhat discussed in the workshop.

4. If you get triggered by alternative views and define them as “conspiracy theories” then do not attend. Some alternative views may be expressed during the workshop as we cannot stay in the old pattern while reprograming it. In my own personal experience of growth the discomfort of the old has to be released in order for the freedom of the new to be integrated. I do not wish to impose any firm opinions (reality is indeed far more fluid than we perceive it to be)  but rather support an expansion in the ways that I have experienced it myself. Those ways involve the question of the solidity of the 3D “reality” and the choice of experience we have within it.
I am compelled to teach it on a certain level that I view important for the current energetics of Earth. I want to bring expansion and openness and that requires the release of old structures.


The frequencies on Earth are rising (as I perceive it to be- every perception is individual) and the opportunity for consciousness expansion is like never before. We need to navigate through this with openness, courage, and Love.

If you feel ready:

Let’s Sign up.

I have included a sliding scale option for those of you that are going through financially challenging times.

Choose Options

I think the Juicy stuff is in Day 1 and 2 but for those who cannot attend anything triggering Day 3 will be the rewarding visualization of New Earth Work

Day 3 Positive Visualization

To prepare I encourage you to drink a lot of water the week leading up to it and to switch to whole-plant foods and a lot of fresh fruit; green juices, etc. Get your body to be at a high frequency. Every single person participating will be part of the collective energetic pool so I want us to create a strong vibration family.

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