Bonus Legs beginner Series Postpartum Get Fit

Namaste BEAUTIFUL YOGIS, Beginner Yogis and New Mommas,

We are starting a new 30 Day Beginner Series appropriate for anyone that wants to improve their posture, alignment, strength, the integrity of their poses and their core strength. We will work on getting fit, becoming more focused and grounded, more confident and loving towards ourselves, we will work on mid section stability and naturally we will flatten that tummy… because a strong core simply feels good. Have you ever contemplated why our society is so fixed and obsessed on flat bellies… could it be because we are such a vein culture? I think it is because we all innately understand that a flat tummy means good digestion, strong core, healthy internal organs and a better will power. Better digestion means less back pain, better skin, higher energy level… And no, it doesn’t always mean that. There are plenty of unhealthy and skinny people but once we get our health to a level of vibrancy we will naturally get a flatter tummy. So I think a big part of the obsession with flat bellies is because we all want to feel good. Feeling good and looking good often coincide. I want to encourage everyone to be forgiving to themselves, to be accepting and loving to themselves. Do not expect perfection but rather improvement. Allow your body to take its time in getting stronger, fitter and better. The real journey is your inner journey; your capacity to be loving to your own self and your capacity to be present. NO PERFECTIONISM ZONE HERE. 

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