Best Natural Skin Care Products of 2016

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I have been sharing my skin care favorites for a while now and the end of the year calls for 2016 favorites of the year.

BEST OF 2016 IN Cruelty Free Natural Cosmetics:

Every product I mention is paraben free, either not tested on animals or vegan certified. Most of these companies do not sell in China which requires everything to be tested on animals for their market so I avoid as much as I can companies that sell there. Animal testing is a very cruel and unnecessary “medieval torture” type of practice and I wish we can abolish it in the future.



♥♥ Lumene Serum Time Freeze – Time Freeze

Best in masks:

♥♥ Masks – Mychelle Pumpkin Peel Incredible Pumpkin Peel it does remove black heads and it leaves my skin looking bright and vibrant. Worth every penny!
I don’t do any harsh scrubbing, microdermabrasion and other forms of manual exfoliation much but the peel does an amazing job in dissolving dead skin cells and revealing fresh new skin.

♥♥ Night Creams:
Night Cremes:  Andalou Naturals Purple Carrot + C or
Dirty Works  Overnight Facial Lift

An old favorite – Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Sleeping Cream

♥♥ Vitamin C Serum:
by Nature’s Gate Organics – C Serum

♥♥ All time most favorite SPF:
By Andalou SPF 30 BB Creme Hands Down my most Favorite SPF Product it is based on zinc oxide which is the safest sunblock ingredient.

♥♥ BEST in Essential Oils:

You can never go wrong with Bulgarian or French Lavender Oil  Lavender Therapeutic Grade

♥♥ An absolute winner in oils:
Rosehip Organic Cold Press Radha Rosehip Oil

I feel that I have tried far more serums than anything else within the skincare world. I do not try ANYTHING with Parabens, Formaldehyde, etc. The serums I go for are natural and concentrated in active ingredients.
I do NOT purchase anything tested on animals. Actually I have had to return products in the past which I realized are either sold in China or have vague claims about their testing practices. Now you do not need to avoid every company that sells in China because these same companies do not test for the european or american market, however it is best to mostly stick with smaller companies and give them a chance in gaining popularity. That way we support a better future for the planet and for our furry friends. I strive to do the best I can without ever thinking I can be perfect or a perfect consumer.

♥♥ Skin Care websites winner: skindeep – it gives good information about toxicity in products and individual ingredients.

Which is your favorite skin care line, skin care product, skin serum?



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  1. Kristel's Gravatar

    Thank you Ali for all the inspiration as always.
    For the Europeans :
    I’ve found a Swedish website where Lumene is not as expensive as most other European websites. I always compare prices , but they don’t have all Lumene products (they don’t have your all time favourite), but lots of others to try for an ok price. If you want free shipping you need to order for 100€.
    Love XX

  2. Morticiabubbles's Gravatar

    Love these suggestions. I wanted to share my favorite cleanser. It’s part to a K beauty line and as far as i can tell it is not tested on animals and it’s vegan. I use this in conjunction with an oil cleaner to remove all makeup/oil etc.

    Check it out. Much love!

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