Moon Shines

tumblr_mtnolz1Aa91r9281ro1_500The moon shines

It shows through

Above the skyscrapers

Misty clouds veil it

As if there is another dimension on the other side

All of these fragments of time

Mutilated thoughts unwind

Manifest the best

and forget the rest

Let the sun shine down upon your quest

Do your best in this test

His memory came to me after a meditation

The grief over his passing

and the realization of the profoundness oh his existence

Don’t frustrate your love with the things that obscure you

Don’t obscure your love with the things that frustrate you

There is an omni present intelligence staring at us

It knows us

When you stare at yourself in the mirror

yourself stares back at you

Time is a strange being

Who I am got mystified.

A new life

Let the smell of jasmine soak the midnight air

A blossom in time

I held her hand while she died

Her eyes staring into a distant land

I cried

So awesome was her face

It was an archetype

so awesome the warm drenched life that left her body

her body that filled with toxins while her kidneys shut down

her face that glowed while she struggled for every breath

I held her hand while she died, ran my fingers through her hair

And when the call came late at night

I smelled the jasmine in the air.

I felt exactly when she passed, exactly when she passed

Don’t fear death, don’t fear anything

This life will not last.

I knelt down beside her lifeless body and bowed my head

I felt her looking at me

But she was dead

I felt all the time that is gone

All the memories of my life

Everything that is no longer here

Everything that is to come

I felt her presence that night

Though her body was lifeless and cold

I pressed my lips onto her forehead and kissed her as slowly as I could

A kiss that will last an eternity

A kiss that she will take with her

So hard is this loss to bare

I smelled the midnight jasmine in the air.

Everything is sweet

Everything is abundant

Life is complete

Nothing is redundant

She tells me she doesn’t get out much anymore

There are white clouds in the sky

I tell her to let go

It’s okay to die

I ran my fingers through her hair

And when the call came late that night

I smelled the jasmine in the air

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  1. laurajones-miller1's Gravatar
    laurajones-miller1 25th April 2014, 3:45 pm

    Thank you for sharing this poem of just beautiful emotion. It made my eyes tear and my heart sing. You’ve quite a lovely gift…xoxox, Laura

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