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here are the details and reservation options for the last workshop I will hold for this epic 2021 year.

As you know I do not hold a lot of workshops in general but I do fully feel their value as an occasional way to reach out, connect and create a flow that is in real-time. It extends the energy of the classes I create into a connect- meet and feel the group energy events.

I felt the timing is right for this workshop.

Fall-Winter is going to be an intense astrologically charged period. Typically harsh aspects offer us multiple chances to unpeel layers of the unconscious self so that we can travel further in – towards the True Self.

We are moving from times of unconscious and subconscious selves being separate and disconnected from the conscious self to times of unification of the layers of the self. We are in the process of bringing more of the shadow and unconscious into the awake mind.

Awakening is not something reserved for the few; available only to those sitting alone in the Himalayas. It is a process that will become available to every single one of us. Whether we accept the calling (the Hero’s Journey) and whether we are prepared to face the challenges is a separate question. But we are here in the current times granted this opportunity – to expand in consciousness. Not an easy process – a process that requires shedding of the old, and finding the new divine path via the inner route. We are leaving one paradigm behind and depending on the frequency we anchor into now we are moving into a new paradigm that corresponds to our frequency.


Although I always talk about expanding in consciousness and awakening that doesn’t mean that I am expanded or awake- it simply speaks of an impulse I have experienced within. My job is to nudge others to find whatever it is within them that will bring them closer to Union with the True Self. We are all on this Journey along each other sharing our own unique perspectives.


We are asked to be very mindful of where we put our energy, how we envision the future, what we feel in the now, how much we can hear/sense/feel/see/taste our intuitive nudges; how much of the ignorant parts of the self are we willing to bring into the conscious self- how much of the shadow can we stand to bring into the light. We are asked to release the attachment to old believes and programs that we have not created in a conscious way; we are asked to dissolve shame, guilt, and victimhood and begin to relate to reality from a place of being a conscious co-creator. We are asked to see that everything is Mind – all of the material physical reality is in fact the reflection and perception of that reflection of the Individual. We are not powerless victims – we are asked to shift out of that density of reality into a new reality.

These are the broad subjects and themes for the Workshop as well as the November program on the Website. It is indeed a vast subject and we will cover aspects of it that are related to the energy of the day of the workshop.

There is going to be a very strong Scorpio energy on Nov 6 – after the New moon (Nov 4th) in Scorpio for which I will ask you to create an intention. bring that intention to the workshop. Ask to be guided by your Highest Self. Mercury will enter Scorpio on the 5-6th. Mars will be in Scorpio. The capacity to unravel is big. Turn the energy towards aligning with the truth rather than towards others.


You are free to participate quietly or you can also share questions, experiences, discussions with the group after the class.

We will do a class and a meditation and a short sit down as a group for a group exercise and sharing.

If you have any questions please let me know.

You can reserve



9 am Central Time Intention Vinyasa Yoga class plus Meditation.

A Short Break

11 am- 12 noon Central Time connecting with the group for Group Exercise and Discussion; Questions, Sharing.

There is an option for payment with a card without Paypal at the end of the page.


Reserve Your Spot

Early bird is $20

Before the workshop  (if there are spots open) $25

Low income $12 (this option is only available with the Buy Now button above). Message me if you cannot afford it. I will send you an invite.

I will send the zoom link a few days prior to the workshop. Check your junk box and my IG or media if you are not getting an email.

Ali Kamenova

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    hi Ali, I did miss the Anchoring the Frequency workshop. Can I still purchase it and get a video of it or a Youtube?

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