15 Minutes of Fame | POP YOGA | Day 2 | Dance Yoga

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Welcome to Day 2.

I have created a playlist / category called 15 Minutes of Fame Series. 

You can always access all 30 classes in the series from the category or from Blog posts.

Today’s class is inspired by the Famous Yoga Teacher Archetype. There are so many current yoga teachers that are known for their unique contribution to the world of yoga. The LA yoga scene exploded around 10- 15 years ago and it really led the movement of new yoga. Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga- these are yoga styles that started in the United States as an evolution of traditional yoga. We will honor that expansion of yoga today.

As a contrast I have prepared a class that honors the Guru Archetype but that will be a bit later in the series 😉

We will be dancing and grooving today. Easy breeze moves that get our juices and circulation flowing :).

The class will post at 12.00 am Central Time on the 2nd of June. Click Here

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