Weekly Yoga Schedule for Christmas

Our Christmas Challenge is starting this monday and I invite you to join us with daily yoga classes. The schedule is posted on my website.
I am calling it AMAZING VINYASA because this class had that light and electric feel that left me feeling as if I am weightless or stepping on clouds for the rest of the day.
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Monday New Class- New Amazing Vinyasa

Tuesday Legs AK131

plus core AK101


relax with some Yin class


or even a basic beginner class to keep our blood flowing, it’s always wonderful to go back to where we started from and see how far we have come 🙂


Lets work the upper and lower back, keeping our back strong keeps our core strong, can’t forget the back! AK47


Some more HIIT full body classes.


Some of you can do longer classes, some super short classes all the above vary in time to give everyone of you a choice. How about some slower contious moves class.AK74


or a bit shorter class AK66


Sunday have fun with friends and family! Or rest and relax.


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  1. susan.tapert's Gravatar

    This is so great to have a schedule all laid out like this! Thank you!

  2.'s Gravatar 21st December 2014, 10:53 pm

    Love the suggested schedule. I tend to over do it and get injured. Nice to have guidance. Plus, there are so many great videos it’s hard to decide!
    Sophie is AMAZING!! She stares peacefully into the camera @ the end of “Amazing Vinyasa”. What a cutie she is!!!

  3. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    What is it on your leg? Did you get injuriy?

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