VIP 47 A 8 Minute Abs and Pulls

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dip stationThis workout is 8 minutes long. It is meant to be either your saturday light workout or a workout you can do on days when you don’t have the energy for a full session yet you want to get your blood moving and maintain your fitness. 🙂

I find that quick workouts are sufficient for muscle maintenance and building. The longer yoga sessions are needed for building endurance, core strength; for deepening the breath and going deeper into your meditative mind-full-ness.


If you don’t have a dip station substitute the pushups with wall pushups and the pull ups with pulls from underneath a steady table or desk. I have used my brothers desk to do pull ups and it worked OK.

The hanging leg lifts can be substituted with either high knees running in place or sitting on a chair leg lifts.



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