Spicy Vietnamese Galangal Sauce Recipe Vegan Version with Green Papaya

by Dung Do Labry

Dung adapted this traditionally shrimp galangal spicy sauce into a vegan version with green papaya which is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti inflammatory goodness.


spicy thai galangal sauce green papaya vegan

spicy thai galangal sauce green papaya vegan

1 big red bell pepper 

6-7 Thai chili pepper 
1 good size galangal ( blue ginger) root
1 good size unripe papaya
1/2 cup of sticky rice (sweet rice) flour 
1/2 cup of white wine or rum
5-6 garlic cloves 
Salt ( as you want, depend on your taste)
Sugar ( optional)
How to make them:
1. Clean up all the ingredients and set them aside to dry out
2. Peel off papaya skin, clean the seeds and slide papaya in thin and bite size 
3. Cut bellpepper, red hot chilli pepper, garlic, galangal and then blend them real good in the blender or food processor 
4. Take a pot, pour some water in, mixing the rice flour and little salt into the pot, cook them slowly on the top stove, whisk them often so they will not stick on the bottom. Bring them to boils and stir till they get thick and clear 
5. Take the pot off the fire and let them set aside till low warm
6. Mix the blended veges, wine, sugar with the cooked flour 
7. Mix the slides papaya into the pot
8. Pour all into the big glass jar
9. (Optional) if you can find some guava leave, wash guava leave and then lay them over the top of the mix before closing the lid
10. Set the jar under the sunlight out side for 4-5 days ( depends on how high the temperate is, the feminine process will be shorter or longer) 
To serve: 
1. Boil the vermicelli noddles and dry it off
2. Slide carrot and soak them into the bowl with some vinegar and sugar about 10 minutes before eating
3. Place noddles into the bowl, Herbs like perilla, Thai basil and chopped lecture on top of noddles, pickle carrot, fresh slice cucumber then some roasted peanut, then little green onion olive oil ( to make this, it’s so easy, just put the fine cut fresh green onion into a small bowl, pour little bit olive oil over then pop on the microwave for 5-10 seconds) 
4. Take the spicy galangal papaya sauce over 
5. Enjoy yummy dish ;))

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