Proper Food Combining Raw Vegan Plant Based

FOOD COMBINING!!!! Yoga diet Ali Kamenova Raw Plant Based

FOOD COMBINING!!!! Ali Kamenova Yoga Diet Raw Plant Based


It’s always great to be mindful of proper food combining. Following certain guidelines for the bulk of your meals can have a healing, strengthening, detoxing and rebuilding effect on your system.

Food is one of the most powerful tools we can use in order to maintain health and stay clear and energetic. Light plant foods are also great in aiding in a “lighter” mind and mood in our day to day life.

I encourage everyone to use as many plant foods into their diet as they can. Be experimental and curious with new foods and ways of preparing foods. Savor simple flavors and appreciate simple, “un”prepared meals such as plain fruit or fresh sweet garden peas … for example. 🙂 Your body will thank you! Your family will be happy to see you in a better mood as you will be feeling better and healthier. 🙂


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  1. Kristel's Gravatar

    Thank you Ali. I learned a thing or two (or more) here. Going to experiment straight away; <3

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