My First Holiday Gift Guide and the beginning of ALI APPROVED

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Namaste beautiful Yogis,


I am excited to create my first holiday gift guide and to start a category that Jonny has been nudging me to start for 12 years now. He has been telling me I need to start an “ALI APPROVED” line and category because he always comes to me for product approval haha.

I will have permanent categories called Ali Approved and I plan on putting together my supplements, skin care, book recommendation, kid well-being favorite items, etc.

I’ve reached out to the companies I shared and I have included discount codes when possible.

I will keep this in the permanent posts under the SHOP Category in the main Menu under Ali Approved .

I hope to evolve it into more recipes, and more guides that support our health. In these times of Ascension, we oughta keep the physical and emotional body healthy and drop the old story so that we can rewrite the New.



A Healthy Living Guide


This is my first general guide that addresses all categories at once- Beauty, Detox, Health, Sleep, Skin Health, Weight Loss, Healing  and more.



  1. Adipeau skin cream Code ALI15 . I have been using this for 2 months and it has been the BEST skin product I have ever found. no exaggeration, no superlatives. It is said to rebuild the face fat and to my eye, it looks like it is working. They do have clinical trials going on now that will show exactly how much of the facial fat pad gets regenerated. As we age we tend to lose the fat we want so this product has a revolutionary approach to regenerating fat cells.


I am including some of my top Red Infrared Light  Panel Choices. They are interchangeable. just a matter of preference.


2 Infraredi LED Panel – Pulsed Light + 5 wave lengths   Code ALIKAMENOVA

This one is one of the few pulsed light pannels.

3Mito Red Light – One of the strongest Panels      Code alikamenova

4. Red Light Belts – great for Injuries and Pain – on Amazon . I have given one of these to my mom, one to my brother and I keep getting them for gifts and for myself.

5. LightpathLED –  Pulsed Light, 5 wavlengths and low EMF  Coupon aliyoga


A cheaper light from ALIEXPRESS from a reputable maker SGROW

6. Real Raw Silk Eye Mask for Sleep  This one has silk on the outside and it is filled with raw silk filling. Silk has all the skin amino acids and it can help with dehydrated skin, skin health. However, it is not vegan.

7. Water Distiller by MegaHome . Most of my things are still in storage but I did travel with the distiller. I have as good results from drinking distilled water as I get from the best spring water (which is hard to source for me)

8. Air Doctor Air Filter . We have 3 of these.

9. Mulberry Silk Pillow Case . Loti and I REALLY enjoy this one. It is not vegan.

10. SUNHOME SAUNA Blanket and Saunas   Code KAMENOVA50

Detox, heat adaptation, immunity, weight loss, and much more.

11. NEUROGAN CBD–  an effective CBD OIL. Use Code ALIYOGA25 for 25% Off

I turned Jonny’s Mom onto this and she swears by this company’s products for sleep.

12. Dermatica prescription Skin Care. This is my friend’s referral link. I have been very happy with them. I get the Retin A with niacinamide. A very gentle formula. It speeds up the cell turnover and it removes sun damage. Along with the Adipeau cream above I think that I have found my perfect mix.



13. An Aliexpress Red Light from a Reputable Seller. SGROW 

From my deep dive research (I have put months into it), this company offers good quality lights for the price. It is comparable to the American brands (which are also made in China but have the quality control from the American brand). All in all the SGROW is slightly cheaper and the quality is somewhat comparable (but not the same, slightly higher EMF but not by a lot, etc). This one is in the lower $100s.



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