Healing Tools – Gua Sha – the Good and the Bad

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A few thoughts…


  1. Guasha and any lymph, fascia, or circulation tool can be fantastic in assisting the flow of energy in the body.
  2. Sometimes Guasha can be used in the same way yoga is used – to connect to the body, to open the channels of communication, to nourish and care for the body. The body as separate and at the same time the same as the soul.


Any tool for healing can be used as a crutch and therefore be more harmful than helpful. Intention matters. How we approach healing matters.

If we are constantly manipulating the body- urging it to heal, and change we may be doing more harm than good.


Symptoms are there as a form of communication from the body. They alert us about our psyche, our traumas, subconscious thoughts.

If we constantly try to get rid of symptoms we are missing the point in healing.

SOMETIMES (often) THE SYMPTOM IS THE RESOLUTION, THE HEALING. (I will refer to German New Medicine after 1-2 weeks of Gua Sha).

I will do mostly cosmetic and preventative Gua Sha. I will touch upon some Gua Sha for pain but with the side not that pain often means we need to rest, change our alignment, surrender, examine our thoughts, etc.

Just physical tools are typically not enough. With any pain, we are always urged to look within.


The body is in a wonderful continuous communication with our psyche. If we surrender we learn to welcome symptoms as a healing event, as a blocked energy release, healing crisis, or resolution; rather than a punishment. We learn to witness the body in her profound wisdom, beauty, service, and sacrifice. The body is happy to be a part of our journey, to serve us, to take onto our pain and ultimately be one with the “I” for the course of this journey. Once we learn to see it in that way a layer of seeing is revealed to us.

In this line of thoughts, I think of Gua Sha as a way to create flow rather than a “fix”.

I hope that gives you a visual.

Guahsa is excellent for moving lymph, facilitating detox, beautifying the skin, etc.

It can be used for sports injuries, soft tissue trauma, repetitive injuries, etc but again with the understanding that the mind also has to be addressed.


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