Healing the Soul; Healing via the Subtle Bodies

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Below I am going to “try” to convey a strong knowing from within my Soul that can be complex yet practical and applicable within our own spiritual journey to Wholeness. So please, bear with me.

We have started a yoga program that covers a very vast field of healing; healing beyond the physical body; healing beyond the etheric and emotional body trauma; healing beyond the mental loops.

We are bridging to the soul level healing.

We have all heard of stories of miraculous and instantaneous healing; we all deeply know that there is a lot more to existence than what meets the eye. We all sense that in this reality we barely see the tip of the iceberg and there is a vast ocean of existence and reality that is hidden to the eye.

I see that with the new program Yoga for the subtle bodies we can begin to contemplate and connect to areas of the soul that are available but often perceived as inaccessible. Maybe they are in such high densities of reality that they seem to be beyond our scope. Yet, my believe is that we are granted the mass opportunity to reach out of our current paradigm and begin the bridging process to our wider Soul.

As we get a bird’s eye view of ourselves we can see beyond the traumas, the patterns, the soul loops.

Let me scale back a bit here.

Often times a soul chooses a life that will cause a certain level of trauma because the soul herself thinks for whatever reason she needs to revisit that situation, that pattern, that pain. Maybe the soul was deeply religious and sin and paying a sin is what she wanted to manifest. Now when I say a soul I mean the lower factions of the soul – not the soul connected to oneness and one with Source. I mean the 3D, 4D, 5D level of the soul. It’s quite layered and complex yet I think simple within the heart wisdom space.

3D being the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental body.

4D the astral layer and an overlapping of all the other layers.

5D and beyond being the more expanded aspects of the mental body; an emotional body that is finer and connected to emotions of love and oneness; higher mind; understanding our soul and her path from a higher perspective.


All of these words are just words I use to try to convey an idea- but we need not to get stuck on words such as 5D or astral, etc.

The layers and subtleties here can be endless so I am going to generalize.

When we die parts of the current mind, emotion, persona and believes carry through to the astral and as the soul still has a layer of forgetfulness of its true nature (maybe it is slightly more expanded understanding in the 4D but certainly another physical in its natural realm with its limitations) she decides that she needs to repeat things or redo things or pay for things. If an emotion really scars us it gets imprinted in some of the finer bodies and carries through beyond this life until we heal it. Based on belief systems the soul might decide that she needs to repeat the life, the situations, the patterns, the conflicts, the traumas because either in her expanded self she realizes she can break a loop or on the less expanded level she is just not even seeing the loop anymore. It merely the continuum of karma and samsara with no end to it unless a level of perfection is reached- yet that level is impossible due to the hardships that the soul puts herself into at birth.  You get my point.

Some souls fully believe that they must keep paying for something and thus – since we are the only manifestor there is – we manifest our belief system. It is not that we need the repeated situation but often times the loop is beyond our grasp or scope of vision. We get caught up in the lower layers with a narrow view of the situation.

The reality is as we access the higher layers of the soul we can fully realize that we are the ones manifesting all of this experience and non of the trauma and hurt needs to be repeated endlessly through lives. There is no need for another painful childhood or loss for us to manifest in future lives. The key here is realizing that at a layer of the self that beyond the personality matrix.

Now we always can access the more expanded self- I cover that in the Yoga for the Mental body. We can retrain the monkey mind – we can guide it from loops of negativity to the state of bliss, oneness, love.

One key element and I repeat myself here is gratitude. Gratitude seems to be the switch from one layer of reality to another. And as we bridge out of the lower bodies we access the higher bodies and thus we heal a wider part of the self – beyond the physical body; going into the emotional and etheric body.

As we heal these areas we suddenly no longer need to repeat patterns in this or other lifetimes. We shift the conditioned belief system that bounds us to suffering as the only way to grow.

One practical way to end a loop of lives or a pattern within this life is GRATITUDE. We see things not as challenges or lessons (a form of punishment or karma) but rather as opportunities- our reminder that we are in a position to create a new reality just by shifting the consciousness. We can have limitless forgiveness and love for our own soul. Whether people are religious or spiritual everyone has a sense of a merciful God or a merciful Divine Essence; we all see love woven into our reality as a pillar and a building unit of the entire structure. In essence, we are a fractal of divine consciousness; of the One Consciousness and as we have limitless love and forgiveness for our own selves and gratitude for the opportunity to shift in consciousness we essentially take a quantum leap in healing. We heal the current traumas, the childhood traumas, the past life traumas, the generational traumas, the ancestral traumas- all the loops a soul can get caught up in via the emotional and mental bodies.

We don’t need to repeat the same painful lesson unless we believe we need to; we don’t need to be stuck in the same loop of repeating traumas or lives with the same situations. If on a soul level we realize this simple truth we shift not only within a lifetime but within a layer of manifestation of our own consciousness. That may mean we choose new and different lives; we discontinue a painful pattern in this life; we all together shift a paradigm and connect to a different layer of reality. Maybe a layer where things flow smoothly; suffering and scarcity are not the standard and the setting for the system; lives where time and manifestation flow at a different “speed”.

Speaking of speed of manifestation – when we sleep or astral travel we leave the physical and lower physical bodies such as the etheric here in our bedroom and we travel with our astral body. Manifestation in the astral realm, the way time flows, and such are quite different there. And that is still within our accessible realms… think about the realms available beyond that!

So I don’t want to make this very long. In essence and in conclusion – be brave; explore the ocean of your own consciousness; dissolve what is not in alignment with your heart; elevate your frequency and thus shift your habitual thoughts from unconscious loops, self-defeating negative internal dialogue, and petty stuff to ideals and higher ideas. Forgive yourself and see yourself as the manifestor of your own reality; of your hologram and thus forgive everyone that has caused you pain. Allow yourself this level of healing and FREEDOM. As you free yourself from this old mental and emotional bonds and spiritual chains you free your soul to take a flight in this life and beyond!!! Rinse yourself of the past and see the freshness with which you can create the New!


I hope all of this made sense!



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    mosoriotatis 18th May 2021, 3:59 pm

    It made sense and more. Thank you for this blog post!

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    I find myself coming back to this to re-read and re-remind myself… thanks, Ali <3 makes completely and total sense.

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