4 of My Favorite Breakfast and Lunch Meals Recently

Namaste Beautiful People,

It’s been a while since I last shared a recipe or a favorite meal. I am pretty excited to share some amazingly delicious yet simple meals I have been totally loving lately. Generally, I eat my fruit and major calories after my yoga or workout session which has been around noon lately. The recipes I am about to share with you will make anyone go crazy over fruit 🙂

I get this ecstatic bliss feeling when I see a beautiful bowl of colorful fruits or when I am lucky enough to be under a fruit tree. The smell of fig leaves under a tree is probably one of the top 3 things that can take me straight into the connection with inner bliss, connectivity with nature, abundance and a celebration of the senses. Lets celebrate life with vibrant, colorful, aromatic and juicy sweetness!!!

The first recipe requires frozen bananas or jackfruit or frozen berries. You can also use fresh fruit, depending on where you are in the world. There are always good fruits you can freeze. Even semi dried figs, grapes, cherries and sapotes are a good option. Some fruits, such as peaches and citrus freeze a bit hard and icy. Bananas, jackfruit, berries and sapotes have a great consistency when frozen.

I take purple mulberry powder and mix it with Stevia and nut milk and pour that over the frozen fruit. Done! Now, the purple mulberry powder is also new to me, it tastes like super sweet caramel. I actually can’t get enough of it. It makes all the frozen fruit taste like caramel ice-cream. I found it at TJ Maxx, but if you don’t have one in your area, you could get something like this Purple Mulberry on Amazon and grind it in your coffee maker (make sure to leave some mulberries whole and sprinkle them over ice cream, they freeze into super yummy and crunchy caramel-ie bits immediately- #geniustip 😛 ).  Purple Mulberries are an absolute superfood with so many amazing benefits such as: Improving blood sugar levels, improving vision, they also work as a skin beautifier; they are great for people who have anemia, people with inflammatory type pain; they are great for your kidneys, blood and liver. The color is to die for – a gorgeous deep purple. AM 100%


The next meal requires:

1. Frozen or fresh bananas/jackfruit/other fruit


2. Stevia or palm sugar or any other sweetener

4. Almond, cashew or coconut milk

Same process- Mix the powder with the milk and sweetener. I like to make mine thick, so I put a few spoonfuls of the peanut powder into a small glass of milk and then blend with the mix above. Pour over frozen or fresh fruit. Yum!

This particular brand of peanut powder is organic and has some coconut sugar and salt added to it, so it makes the banana taste as if they are covered in toffee caramel peanut. It is beyond delicious. The jar is HUGE so it will last you a long time. I have tried the other brands and I feel that this one is the absolute yummiest one. I am also sure, that the fact that it is organic, and the additional coconut sugar, make a big difference. I have tried PB2 CHOCOLATE AND ORIGINAL that I get online as well and although they are not bad, I wouldn’t rave about them.

The PB FRUIT MEAL is extremely indulgent, yet healthy. The powder is low in fat and it has a good amount of protein in it. I notice that when I eat these type of meals, I feel light, yet full 🙂

Hudson 100%

Hudson 100%

Too many fats cause bloating and sluggishness for me.

Third meal, drumroll….



Hudson 100%


I wish I had never discovered this one 🙂

PB PUFFINS – Way too good! I get them at Sprouts or Ralphs or on Amazon here. I  get a 4 pack with free shipping from a seller on Amazon and truth be told, I have 3 boxes of this “crack” right now, so I don’t think you will regret it. I also mix the peanut powder into the PB Puffins cereal for an extra peanut buttery experience. The cereal is also low in fats so overall, it is very light and easy on the tummy. I joke about it that it is PB Pillows and almost think that I could have named my dog Sofie either a Puffin, or a PB Pillow 🙂

Also, don’t bother getting the original flavor, I tried it and it really doesn’t even compare to the PB one.

Fourth meal idea is good ol’ greens and bananas 🙂 Wrap them in mini bites and chomp chomp. I get baby kale, baby spinach, baby greens or plain kale, romaine hearts, iceberg lettuce or some of the more exotic greens I experiment with,that I can find at my Korean market.

Pew Pew 100%

I generally buy any variety of banana I can find on the market- Burro Mexican, Colombian, baby bananas, Thai bananas, plantains, red bananas and of course, regular bananas. They might be available at your Asian or Mexican markets.

Hudson 100%


The Thai mini bananas need to be pretty much black in order to be ripe.


These recipes take no time to prepare and they taste amazing. I feel that getting the peanut powder or mulberry powder is not essential or necessary, yet it makes simple meals fun, exciting, healthy and higher in anti oxidants. So, all in all, if it will make you enjoy your meals more, it is totally worth it.

Next I will share some yummy simple savory ideas for meals and snacks.

PS: My all time favorite stevia is coconut flavor, from this company second favorite is their French Vanilla flavor

I am out of both flavors right now, so I am using other flavors, but those two are my all time favorites. If you are not a stevia lover, a tip is to just add a little stevia to already sweet meals or to add it to lemon drinks- the lemon seems to hide stevia aftertaste that some people seem to avoid.

Love and Fruit 🙂

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    Marloes Dijkstra 7th May 2016, 4:31 pm

    Thanks for the article. I never thought about freezing fruits before.

  2. debjoy81's Gravatar

    I love this post! I already do the PB powder with stevia and almond milk with frozen berries and sliced banana – one of my absolute favorite breakfasts or snack bowls! It tastes like ice cream to me! I also add cocoa powder to make it taste like chocolate peanut butter ice cream. So good! Something about that mix of frozen fruit with sliced sweet banana really tastes like heaven. 🙂

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