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MARCH 19-21

11 AM- 2 PM Central Daylight Saving Time.  Here is a clock convertor

This is an updated Schedule for the Equinox New Beginnings Workshop.

I will send an email on Wednesday or Thursday with the ZOOM LINK. Prepare a yoga block (a pillow will do)

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We live in Unique times on Earth. A rare opportunity for souls to elevate past the previous paradigm. A unique possibility to expand beyond the generations-long ways of interpreting, creating, and projecting reality.  A lot of us are developing a brand new language that reflects a New consciousness arising. It is arising fast- in the last 5-10 years – a rapid shift of consciousness on Earth.

There is a cluster of bright souls in different walks of life – doctors, school teachers, fisherman, yoga teachers, authors, etc that are beginning to form a new worldview.

These are the times for exhilarated expansion.  the challenges although overwhelming at times are the agitator that moves us outside of our previous reality and they allow us to lift the veil of the unknown reality.

SPRING – the new year for the Earth and also the more official entry into the Age of Aquarius will allow us to align our own energy with the Cosmic and Gaia energy and thus create a new beginning for our own selves – a path that is in resonance with the New consciousness on Earth.

A ritual, a visualization, a meditation, harmonizing with this new beginning is the focus of this workshop.

I want us to take a moment and really consciously align with the New Energy and the New Epoch coming and become conscious creators and manifestors of our own reality and our shared collective reality.


Each day we will take steps to create a new impulse; a new momentum towards that new consciousness. We have to consciously elevate our own frequency so we are in resonance with that new wave of consciousness available to humans for the first time.

Integrating the negative; releasing the old, the past; embodiment – bringing more of the soul into the body- all of these are necessary tools in order for us to move forward into the New. I envision us all as conscious and mindful creators of the NEW. Not simply drifting forward with the currents but creating, shaping and molding the currents in resonance with that new Frequency available to us.

How about that?

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