What I ate Wednesday. Macrobiotic?

fruit yoga sofie1


apples persimmons

apples persimmons

I am doing this quick post on what I ate yesterday because my food was quite different from my previous posts and I just want to show you and give you variety options. In the future I will try to do this in a video form – might be much easier and more informative that way 🙂

During the day:

I was busy working so I had a lot of sweet drinks.

Coconut water blended with herbs such as saffron, cinnamon, fresh ginger.

saffron coconut water ginger drink

saffron coconut water ginger drink









I had a lot of matcha coconut tea and even vegan macha jello made with agar agar jelly. I got the inspiration from a japanese restaurant I went to.


matcha agar


matcha agar agar jelly pumpkin layer

Japanese matcha agar agar jelly pumpkin layer coconut rice milk








So during the day I had mostly liquids and some blended persimmons in them I was busy working, working out and cleaning. I don’t like to eat before I workout or do yoga so I try to hold off on big meals until I am done with my yoga.

At around 2 I was done with my workout, walked Sofie and ate a lot of apples and apple pie that I posted the recipe for HERE


applie quince pie!

raw apple quince pie with persimmons and cinnamon

It was divine and I might eat apple quince persimmon creamy yummy caramelly pie all winter 🙂

sliced apple pie1

raw quince apple pie

apple slice pie

raw apple pie with creamy filling

After that I had to do some video editing and voice over for a yoga class. After I was done Sofie requested a second walk so we went for a short walk.

Dinner time was more apple pie. I even made pumpkin pie and sweet purple potato pie with sweet sticky rice layer. The sticky creamy white layer was heaven and I will try to post the recipe soon. It’s a must try!

sweet potato rice pie

sweet purple potato pie with a creamy sticky rice layer

sweet potato pie purple

sweet purple potato pie with a creamy sticky rice layer

purple cake potato

sweet purple potato pie with a creamy sticky rice layer

I even experimented with pumpkin pie – butternut squash actually.


pumpkin pie

pumpkin apple raw pie

After that was time for some sticky sweet rice with indian millet, perilla seed (better than chia), amaranth and purple sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk.

sweet potatoes indian millet amaranth rice

sweet potatoes indian millet amaranth rice

You can see the packaging for these more exotic grains 🙂

Perilla seed has a better omega 3 to 6 ratio than any other seed. (I made a mistake cooking it thinking it was green millet which was in a different bag 🙂 – but still yummy and a very neutral flavor)

indian millet

indian millet

perilla seed better than chia

korean perilla seed better than chia

organic sweet sticky  brown rice

organic sweet sticky brown rice

I haven’t had grains in a while simply because I crave and prefer fruit but I gave sticky rice a go for a few days now and I have to say I feel lighter and better on my usual fruit and veggie diet. I will be doing mostly raw again. Right now persimmons and broccoli (not together) are in season and they taste heavenly so I will indulge 🙂

I didn’t measure any of my food. But I probably had around 2200 – 2500 calories. Mostly fruit and rice. 🙂

cafe japanese

waiting for tea at a japanese cafe 🙂

fruit yoga sofie

yoga and fruit makes me happy . I am simple like that 😀

Hope this gave you some ideas about your meals and showed you that you can eat simply yet stay nourished AND still have fun and enjoy variety of flavors.  You don’t need all the variety of herbs and spices and hard to find grains I used. I  do this because I have a curious open to the new and new cultures mind and I am always ready to learn about different cuisines and then adapt their recipes to my diet and lifestyle.

Mother Nature is spectacular!!! As soon as  you open your heart to that realization you will be forever grateful, ecstatic and happy on this place called earth and on this path called human experience. I encourage you to celebrate differences, uniqueness and the new. Study ancient cultures and new discoveries!

Let go of anxiety and worry because in the grand scheme of things we are here for just a quick snap of a moment and we will be all but gone before we know it. All we have is the present moment and the abundance that is surrounding us is an opportunity to learn and grow.

I often see people “hate” “judge” and display “fear” and “jealousy” of what they don’t understand or what threatens their safe little world. They get fearful of uniqueness and differences as this might shatter their safe little illusion of a life.

Always be mindful- we ALL fall victim to this type of fears and its a daily path and a daily work to remind ourselves that nothing threatens who we are. Everything enriches us. Free yourself of pettiness, be above things! It will only make you more interesting, more brilliant, more vibrant and more admirable.

I see women hate other women that are skinnier, prettier, more talented, less talented, with bigger breasts, with thinner thighs, with nicer “things” and so forth. The truth is this world is big, colorful and abundant enough for all of us. Recognize beauty in all and everything around you and this will enlighten your world and the world of everyone that is close to you.

When I was a little kid I was very lucky to have parents that never told me I am beautiful or I am ugly. There was just no focus on the external in my family so I grew up not knowing anything about self esteem, looks and such. To this day I have no concept of high or low self esteem. I am just me 🙂 And one thing that resonated deeply with me when I was a teenager and going though an awkward (or so I thought) stage was that the creative force in the Universe that some call God, others call Creation, Source and so forth is Pure Love and it loves you as much as it loves itself because ultimately ALL IS ONE and you are a part of ALL. God is within you and you are within God- everything is interlacing and existing within and without of itself. So if that which we call God loves itself and loves you who are you to choose to not love yourself. Not loving yourself is the same thing as not loving God.  You are left with no choice but to absolutely and unconditionally love yourself. Yep!!! No ifs or buts! You are that awesome 😛

PS we have been having such fun in our new FaceBook Group that we all voted and decided to call BEAUTIFUL YOGIS  So come in and join on the yoga- fruit fun. BEAUTIFUL YOGIS FB GROUP

Another thing that might make you burn with inspiration about the glory of Mother Earth is this link that Ari’s (one of the beautiful yoginis) boyfriend shared on the group-  Puerto Rican fruits- Puerto Rican Fruits. It’s all in spanish so I am not reading the text but the fruits are amazing and I have only heard about half of them at the most 🙂 Gorgeous colors, shapes, textures and I am sure aromas and taste 🙂

The puerto rican fruit reminded me of this old song 😛



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    laurajones-miller1 7th November 2014, 6:22 pm

    What a wonderful post Ali!…The pies were killing me…especially the sticky rice (love it) and purple sweet potato(love those too)…I will give them a try. I believe exactly the same thing about God Ali…we are within God and God within us…for me…that’s all I need to know…all of the details, the arguments about doctrine, are such a silly waste…when it’s time for us to know…we will…I wish the world would just come to that one agreement…all of the big, deadly battles would crease…a good thing to pray about. You always write things that warm my heart Ali. Thank you for this and my deepest love to you my sister, ever, xox, L

    • admin's Gravatar

      ah my deepest thanks and love to you too beautiful divine Laura!!! yes- love and acceptance can be simple but humans tend to get caught up in details and arguments rather than acceptance and sweetness <3

  2. allycat's Gravatar

    Thank you Ali!
    Reading this post has made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    Love and light

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