Hi Ali!

I don’t have any questions, really a huge THANK YOU!
I’ve been watching your YouTube clips for over three years, now at 33 years old they have been the foundation and balance of my fitness routine.
Since I was a teenager I have always suffered from lower back problems, due to athletics and arthritis.  I also tore my ACL three years ago and  knew I was too young to be falling apart already!
I was in dire need of finding and staying dedicated to a quality fitness routine that I enjoyed.
I stumbled upon your videos when searching for interval training. I never really found a huge interest in Yoga until I viewed one of your classes.  Your voice is very soothing to the ears and your concentration on form was extremely helpful.  I also loved that you incorporated things like the kettle bell into a routine.  It kept me both interested and challenged.
Only after a week of sampling your Vinyasa Interval classes, I could immediately feel the difference. My back was beginning to show signs of more range of motion and I could just feel stronger.  By consistently doing your classes and through weight training, I actually opted out of ACL surgery. My knee has fully recovered and my back has never felt better!
Thank you for being passionate about your work and making your knowledge available, it is incredibly appreciated.  I just wanted to let you know how helpful and encouraging it’s been for me throughout the years. Pregnancy feels like another challenge to staying fit, but one I can be excited about 🙂 <3  Wising you all the best in your next adventure!  I will be watching for your new updates!
Warm Wishes,
New Love for Yoga/ Back Pain Healed

Dear Ali Kamenova,

My name is Jaclyn, I am a devoted YouTube Yogi student of yours and I have been training solid with you for about a year now. I do one of your Yoga classes almost every day, and I wanted to share with you the transformation and changes that have happened since I have been following you.

So I would like to start by telling you that I didn’t always have a good relationship with Yoga. In fact I used to despise it. As part of my college training in Australia, every Monday morning we had Yoga class. At that time, my body was releasing a lot of trauma and therefore I had a panic attack during a class witch very quickly turned me off it. I was mostly getting angry and wanting to kill everyone after class. However, I am a very determined person, so I enrolled in unlimited Power Yoga at a school near me, just so I could prove to myself that I was able to overcome this ‘hate’ relationship. But I never found the love for Yoga that I have today. I was also battling for a very long time with an eating disorder and never had a good relationship with my body. I eventually gave up on Yoga and started to do Thai boxing and lifting weights at the gym. As I kept healing myself and working on loving myself, I liked my body however I never seemed to be able to maintain my weight, often pushing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to hard and consequently putting a lot of strain on myself. I would also get fatigued easily and have constant pain everywhere.

I moved to Los Angeles about a year ago to pursue my acing career.
I struggled to find work here for a long time, so I went completely broke. I had to cancel my gym membership, and therefore find an alternative. That’s when I took it as an opportunity to take it as a sign that this was no longer serving my highest interest and to look for something new. I came across your yoga class on YouTube and I have never looked back. I lost a ton of weight and mostly extra body fat, I have shrunk, I have leaner out and I now have a much toner body. I have way more energy than ever before and my body feels like MY body. Because of your amazing classes I cannot express the freedom and love I now have for myself. Above all, it’s become effortless to maintain my weight. Of course my diet has improved, as I have become vegetarian, I now eat what I want, but without your Yoga I am not sure I would have achieved such incredible results.

So what I want to say is that you have created something that truly heals others. I watched the episode on your healing story and I want to thank you for having gone through that to help others. I think it’s important that you know how much you have helped me and without a shadow of a doubt, how much you are helping and healing others. ☺

So… THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yoga Love Transformation

“Hey Ali! Just wanted you to know that YOU are the one who inspired me to go “raw vegan”, which I have stuck with for almost 6 months now (although admittedly I cheat and could definitely benefit from being stricter with this lifestyle lol). I was hesitant to try it at first, mostly because I am a type 1diabetic and the thought of actually increasing my carb intake scared the hell out of me… I had always believed that carbs were a diabetics worst enemy!! I am happy to tell you that my blood sugars have never been better controlled in the entire 32 years I have had this disease (my A1c was 5.5, almost a non-diabetic value, this number is the average of the past 3 months of blood sugars)!! And I have never had more energy… even juggling work and kids with a chronic illness!! It is really an awesome diet, so thank you Ali!!”

Thea Maria

I really can’t thank Ali enough for all that she helped change in my life. Before yoga and this mass awakening I had..I was abusing alcohol, struggled with self-love, confidence, was in a unhealthy and abusive relationship, my family and I weren’t talking, I lost all my friends, I was really at rock bottom until I one day ran into Ali’s yoga videos on YouTube and it literally changed my life. I’m finally starting to heal from things in my past that no longer serve me, forgiving those who have wronged me, I am so happy with my body and my self-love has risen so high that I no longer deal with abuse or any other kind of physical or verbal abuse or disrespect towards anybody. Following my passions, no longer struggle with social anxiety, or alcohol abuse.. I could literally go on and on. She is truly a blessing and I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life. I’m sure you here this a lot Ali! But you are literally an angel sent here for a purpose to help others on the road to self-love, acceptance and healing. Thank you for shining your light so bright that it inspires and impacts others In ways unimaginable. 


Hi BYs! I wanted to share with you that a few years ago, I had a blood clot and found out I have Factor 5 blood disorder. Well so many things happened after that and my doctor at the time put me on Aspirin to keep my blood thin and said I would have to be on it for the rest of my life (I was 16 at the time) so that was horrifying for me to hear. After that I went vegan and started doing yoga, I was doing ok but few months ago I started having strange body reactions to the aspirin and despite all of my doctors telling me no- I stopped taking it. They were telling me I needed it but I still said I wasn’t going to countinue it. It’s been 6 months since I stopped it and as of this weeks tests, my blood is within a normal clotting range and they can’t find one problem with it! 😀 they are very confused but I know it’s because of healthy eating and lifestyle (Ali’s videos and advice!) ❤️


I have learned to love and embrace yoga as part of my life because of you. I know you are a master at this but you still make beginners like me feel we can do it. The greatest impact that yoga has made in my life is how it transformed to towards peace and tranquility in my heart.

Kit Baguingay

Dear Ali, Thanks for taking us through a journey on this one. You are such a great motivator, always knowing just what to say to push our walls back a little bit. This is such a challenging and rewarding class!

John Tibbetts

Ali, this was such a beautiful flowy class. It was a perfect pace and still sweaty! Those side plank kick outs were crazy core challenging and a great new twist ( get it, haha) on things. Love the new side kick outs! Funny enough, after all these years, I’m still having problems with wheel! Ho hum…<3

Elisa Magliulo-Alamanou

You are an amazing yoga teacher, so artistic and uplifting! Thank you! I really enjoy your teaching style.

Veronica Bastian

This ‘medication practice;)’ has given me my abs and my metabolism back :)…and gets rid of my stomach aches every time! I tried doing yoga work outs with other teachers and they’re not the same. You rock. 🙂

Bee eeteezee

I hadn’t excercised in the past four days because of a nasty cold. This was the PERFECT workout to get back into the swing! Thank you, Ali! Xo

Meghan Ireland Sargent

Ali, I love and appreciate you so much! Your yoga/interval workouts has completely changed my life physically, mentally and emotionally. <3

Meghan Ireland Sargent

NBY! I had my baby boy Tuesday and my delivery was amazing and short and I progressed perfectly! The docs were amazed and credited my core strength from interval yoga for the past year and a half to my great birth! I had to stop Ali Kamenova videos at 25 weeks but kept working out till 37 weeks as best I could. Can’t wait to get back to Ali’s yoga in 6 weeks!

Michelle Bauman