“Hey Ali! Just wanted you to know that YOU are the one who inspired me to go “raw vegan”, which I have stuck with for almost 6 months now (although admittedly I cheat and could definitely benefit from being stricter with this lifestyle lol). I was hesitant to try it at first, mostly because I am a type 1diabetic¬†and the thought of actually increasing my carb intake scared the hell out of me… I had always believed that carbs were a diabetics worst enemy!! I am happy to tell you that my blood sugars have never been better controlled in the entire 32 years I have had this disease (my A1c was 5.5, almost a non-diabetic¬†value, this number is the average of the past 3 months of blood sugars)!! And I have never had more energy… even juggling work and kids with a chronic illness!! It is really an awesome diet, so thank you Ali!!”