I really can’t thank Ali enough for all that she helped change in my life. Before yoga and this mass awakening I had..I was abusing alcohol, struggled with self-love, confidence, was in a unhealthy and abusive relationship, my family and I weren’t talking, I lost all my friends, I was really at rock bottom until I one day ran into Ali’s yoga videos on YouTube and it literally changed my life. I’m finally starting to heal from things in my past that no longer serve me, forgiving those who have wronged me, I am so happy with my body and my self-love has risen so high that I no longer deal with abuse or any other kind of physical or verbal abuse or disrespect towards anybody. Following my passions, no longer struggle with social anxiety, or alcohol abuse.. I could literally go on and on. She is truly a blessing and I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life. I’m sure you here this a lot Ali! But you are literally an angel sent here for a purpose to help others on the road to self-love, acceptance and healing. Thank you for shining your light so bright that it inspires and impacts others In ways unimaginable.