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Namaste Beauties, a new dance fusion groove vinyasa class with some interval yoga elements is awaiting you 🙂 This is a cardio class, a flexibility...

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Moon and Weights Workout

  No matter what happens, If the world falls apart, Show me your purpose, show me your heart.  – Rumi This is a lighter class-...

60 - 80 Minute Workouts
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1 hour Moon Flow Yoga Class

MOON FLOW – HIP OPENING FLUID AND STRONG SEQUENCE. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Lets solve our “53 problems” with yoga tonight 🙂

10 to 15 Minute Workouts
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VIP 55 Coffee Cup Power Yoga In the Moonlight

A strong coffee cup power yoga class 35 mints long. Osho Ryugen Watanabe meditation music. Let me know how you like thesis strong class. Namaste

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VIP 22 Moon Flow 3 + Floor Stretching Zen Music

Longer zen music flame shavasana.   NAMASTE