Art is me…and I am Art

by Lolly Miller
laura self potrait
There isn’t really a better way to say it. I didn’t pick art…art picked me. I have been “creating” for as long as I can remember. I was the weird kid in kindergarten who alarmed teachers with art creations. Remember how they would give you big dittoed pictures (kind of bluey purple that smelled strangely  like vinegar) of things to “color in the lines” on?   Why?  I would cut them up with my little safety scissors and go all Dadaesque on them…Blue birds colored sixteen shades of oranges HA! You know I exaggerate because those Big Crayolas only had 8 freaking colors in the box. What was I supposed to do with that for goodness sake?   Ah…mix and layer…glue the tail where the head was and head where tail was … alter the wings a bit to make them look like they came off a B 52…okay…better!  I was also the kid who had very “concerned sounding parent conferences. I gotta tell you though…my mom ( the left to center mom with Asberger Syndrome), without an ounce of art in her, always had my back in the art and education department…She was kind of wacky, but I will love her always for giving me all the space I wanted to be who I was. Thanks for that mom. Long story to say simply that there was no way for me to escape the artist within. I have been fortunate in my semi rouge hippy life to meet and study with a lot of amazing artists. I have taken away bits and pieces from many wonderful people. The one who most inspires me though is Jo. She is now about 95 and is pretty close to blind with Ocular Degeneration.  The thing about her that fills my spirit is that  as a nearly blind person…her art is even more beautiful that it was before she lost her sight. She was always an amazing painter and potter…but now, as she works solely with her hands and a small splinter of light… Her work just stills me.  It shines with the light that shines within this diminutive beautiful women with an child like giggle that makes everyone smile. There is still a bit of wild about her that makes her irresistible. I watch her weekly…and weekly I learn.  That is really what it’s all about…be it yoga, building houses, cooking, art…there is always so much to learn…and as long as one is learning…one is living.   So, that’s it  guess…I am an artist because that is what I am.                                     xooxx, Laura Jones-Miller aka Lolly Miller
ashes urns, laura

ashes urn

laura turquoise vase laura koi

 This work in progress pot is Chief Quran, Muhammoed The Quran of the Banu Hashim Tribe from Mecca.
Lolly Miller clay pot

Lolly Miller

I wanted to mention that I love designing work for charity auctions…I have done this for Doctors Without Borders, Women’s Shelters, Kill Free Animal Shelters, Science Camp for Girls, Tuition Scholarships for Special Needs Kids, and Art Programs, Children’s Hospitals, etc. If you have a cause that holds an auction and would like a piece of work to contribute to the auction, please let me know. It would, as ever, be my pleasure… With love, with gratitude and with my little yellow safety scissors, xooxxx, Lolly
This “Fractured Bowl” is 16″ across and 6.5″ deep. It is made using a pice work slab method.
laura ceramics2 laura ceramics3
fractured bowl
This 8″ Striped Pot is made using two different types of clay spliced together gently to meld into this marbled effect pot.
Lolly Miller clay pot

Lolly Miller clay pot

Lolly Miller clay pot

Lolly Miller ceramics

Love, fall breezes , and hope…always hope, xoxox, L
Laura’s piece in progress. The 4 elements –  EARTH AIR WATER FIRE
 4 elements laura 4 elements laura 2 4 elements laura1 4 elements laura3EARTH AIR


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