Intuitive Art Class Spoken Word 5- New Vision

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Namaste BYs! So today a new art class, finding our new vision.

Art for New Vision is next up in Spoken Word series. This class is all about envisioning new energy in your field, rebirthing it from your heart, trusting your intuition and 3rd eye visions. The beauty of grace as we all expand into our joyful hearts, spirit, honesty, sovereignty, passion, and optimism. In this class I include a meditation as well to lightly balance the chakras and tap into all the different layers of the auric field, to bring awareness to the unseen, to the feeling of awareness. We are all visualizing and building this together as we look into the present moment and connect with it we can feel the blooming of the Earth and consciousness. 🌺🌿🌅



Love you all thank you for joining me! 🙂

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