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12 minutes long.

30 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest

I shared this class on Saturday in our schedule. If you do not check out my daily schedules then you missed it so here we go. A new HIIT.

I love me a well-rounded HIIT Class.

I am including some of my favorite exercises. I am a fan of uni-lateral exercises. Amongst their million benefits I love how much they can re-pattern the neural pathways.

There are many studies and articles on the subject but here is a short excerpt:

“Compared to bilateral training, unilateral training facilitates rehabilitation to a greater degree. When you train one side of the body the other side is also stimulated. Indirect stimulation of the non-working side of the body via working the opposite side improves strength in the injured area. This is called cross-education of muscles, and is a neural event. The brain pathways that are used for the primary unilateral exercise stimulate the same muscles on the opposite side of the body. The key to applying cross-education is to recognize that it works for the same muscles on the opposite side of the body only. For example, doing a single-leg knee extension with the right leg stimulates the left quadriceps muscle, but not the left hamstrings.”

Did you know any of this?

I find it that often times people are not intuitive about working out and consider some of the most beneficial exercises unsafe or dangerous. Often times people fear being lopsided by doing a pose longer on one side but that is just our brain overworking. The state of our body is much wiser than the ability of our mind to understand the body.

We are doing such a great variety of movements on this website and I am very intentional about all of them. We are coving so many areas of fitness, yoga and movement. We are benefiting from them on so many levels. And best of all, I am increasing the variety with each passing year!!!

So remember move with strength and ease!

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  1. GinaG's Gravatar

    This is an excellent workout and it’s super quick. I like how it starts early and ends early for those of us experienced with Ali’s lovely combinations already. Very well rounded. Thank you!

  2. Charlotte Gourmel's Gravatar
    Charlotte Gourmel 10th July 2019, 5:00 pm

    Was really good!! Namaste <3

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