Namaste beautiful yogis...

Today, we are going to begin a life long journey which will challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually. By practicing the interval yoga system you will tone your muscles, develop strength, core stability, balance, speed, power, and flexibility.

Let’s begin at the front of our mat.

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Unique and Challenging Interval Yoga Workouts

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NAMASTE BEAUTIFUL YOGIS,  I finished shooting the pilates Program but because there is so much to cover within the field...

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Pilates 6 Cardio

NAMASTE BEAUTIFUL YOGIS,    cardio focused abs and pilates MONDAY  Interval Pilates Cardio + focused slow floor pilates TUESDAY  BURBANKS...

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Pilates 5

NAMASTE BEAUTIFUL YOGIS,  lower abs, deep core Week 5 MONDAY  PILATES Flow Inner Thighs, Obliques, Deep Core, Twists TUESDAY  FLOOR...

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Pilates 4 – obliques, Uddiyana bandha

NAMASTE BEAUTIFUL YOGIS,  I hope you are in the mood for more funky pilates MONDAY  Pilates – lower abs, obliques,...

Comments & Testimonials

Hi Ali! I don’t have any questions, really a huge THANK YOU! I’ve been watching your YouTube clips for over three years, now at 33 years old they have been the foundation and balance of my fitness routine. Since I was a teenager I have always suffered from lower back problems, due to athletics and arthritis.  I also tore my... Read More

New Love for Yoga/ Back Pain Healed

Dear Ali Kamenova, My name is Jaclyn, I am a devoted YouTube Yogi student of yours and I have been training solid with you for about a year now. I do one of your Yoga classes almost every day, and I wanted to share with you the transformation and changes that have happened since I have been following you. So... Read More

Yoga Love Transformation

“Hey Ali! Just wanted you to know that YOU are the one who inspired me to go “raw vegan”, which I have stuck with for almost 6 months now (although admittedly I cheat and could definitely benefit from being stricter with this lifestyle lol). I was hesitant to try it at first, mostly because I am a type 1diabetic and the... Read More

Thea Maria

I really can’t thank Ali enough for all that she helped change in my life. Before yoga and this mass awakening I had..I was abusing alcohol, struggled with self-love, confidence, was in a unhealthy and abusive relationship, my family and I weren’t talking, I lost all my friends, I was really at rock bottom until I one day ran into Ali’s yoga... Read More