High Intensity Interval Power Vinyasa Yoga

Inner Thighs Legs plus More

Inner Thighs Legs plus More
Full body Legs and Inner Thighs plus some extra Jumps “OH YEAH” The latest 2 classes I shot are both energy builders. The idea is they leave you energized and more awake than when before you got started. Love… This content is for Body Transformation Community, Interval Yoga Membership , VIP Members, VIP Membership 1 year [...]

My first two weeks on a high carb low...

My first two weeks on a high carb low fat diet …
by Tina A few weeks have passed by realy quickly since I decided to change up my diet, going from a high raw/raw high fat diet to a high carb, mostly raw ( it is summer, so easy ) style of nourishing my body. I always knew that diet was one of the main keys to health. So when I needed to heal badly I turned my attention to a raw diet for all [...]

A not so easy booty, abs and legs Int...

A not so easy booty, abs and legs Interval Session
I am using a swiss Ball for every exercise. This can be modified by simply using the flor and maybe a basic weight for the overhead weight squat jumps. This session is a bit of a killer for being designed as a lighter class. Let me know what level of difficulty on the one to… This content is for Body Transformation Community, Interval [...]

The New Yogi Surprise Box – Pal...

The New Yogi Surprise Box – Palo Santo Hydrosol Favorite Spray
Today I was going to write an article on spirituality and tradition but i decided to keep things less controversial and share with you 2 things from the new YOGI SURPRISE BOX (which I am proudly an ambassador for whoop whoop) – OMG box I received it 3 days ago and it has a Palo Santo Hydrosol MyST in the box that i ha [...]

I have been going crazy over this dri...

I have been going crazy over this drink + more on Stevia
  HYDRATION ALKALINITY MELON SEASON STARTED!!! I have been seriously going crazy over this drink. It is simple – think of it as a combination of flavored water and foamy milk. The flavor is outstanding. All the ingredients are in the photo but here they go: 1 Slice of Melon A splash of cashew milk (experiment wit [...]

Powerhouse Shapeshift

Powerhouse Shapeshift
This is a powerful class. I did it two weeks ago so I am forgetting all the details about it and I am so looking forward to hearing back from you and also Laura’s description of it (she has been posting the coolest reviews of the classes- like a mini “what to expect” type of… This content is for Interval Yoga Membersh [...]

VIP Classes (in order of difficulty) ...

VIP Classes (in order of difficulty) Part 8
VIP Classes (in order of difficulty) Part 8 This can be found under VIP GUIDE Level 1 – Beginner Level 1/2 – Beginner transitioning to intermediate Level 2 – Intermediate Level 2/3 – Intermediate transitioning into Advanced Level 3 – Advanced Level 1 Level 1/2 vip81 14 minute interval training Legs Core Cardio 17 [...]


WE ARE ON A ROLL. LEG AND BOOTY IMPACT YOGA. A sweaty class with some one leg balancing and strength building moves. Some rolling on the mat and stretching at the end. A solid 37 minutes of moving, balancing, breathing and stretching. Sending strawberry light and cherry love to all of you (as Tijana wrote… This content is for Body Tran [...]

My U-turn thanks to the 10 Day Vegan ...

My U-turn thanks to the 10 Day Vegan Challenge … plus 2 recipes!
by TINA It has been almost two weeks now since we completed our 10 Day Vegan Challenge and I hope you are still going strong and incorporating lots of plantbased foods into your daily diet! I have been vegan for lots of years now and did not expect that these 10 days would make such a huge shift in my way of thinking about my food. Mostly I h [...]

Yoga with Weights 3

Yoga with Weights 3
“Get the weight off of your shoulders” Class   YOGA That makes you feel light after therefore IGHT WEIGHT YOGA. I love play on words  especially symbolic, metaphoric or double meaning I am preparing to do What I Eat in a Day series combined with Q&A and addressing common questions about nutrition, weight… This [...]

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