Namaste beautiful yogis...

Today, we are going to begin a life long journey which will challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually. By practicing the interval yoga system you will tone your muscles, develop strength, core stability, balance, speed, power, and flexibility.


Let’s begin at the front of our mat.

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Unique and Challenging Interval Yoga Workouts

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HAPPY FALL Bands 3 Booty Hip Strength

Namaste Beautiful Yogis, HAPPY FALL!!!! I have been super excited for all the goodies Fall has to offer. We are starting off Fall on a...

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BANDS 2 Upper Body Contemplating SELF LOVE

I invite you to post in the comments below something that you appreciate about yourself! Often times it is easy for us to find everything...

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Elastic Bands 1 Loops <3

Here is the latest Elastic Bands post. Let me know how often you would like to see this exercise equipment from me in the next...

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A New Exercise Equipment and My Morning in Photos

Namaste, many of you know that I love the absence of props in my classes at least for 80% of my classes. Often times I consider...

Comments & Testimonials

“Hey Ali! Just wanted you to know that YOU are the one who inspired me to go “raw vegan”, which I have stuck with for almost 6 months now (although admittedly I cheat and could definitely benefit from being stricter with this lifestyle lol). I was hesitant to try it at first, mostly because I am a type 1diabetic and the...

Thea Maria

I really can’t thank Ali enough for all that she helped change in my life. Before yoga and this mass awakening I had..I was abusing alcohol, struggled with self-love, confidence, was in a unhealthy and abusive relationship, my family and I weren’t talking, I lost all my friends, I was really at rock bottom until I one day ran into Ali’s yoga...


Hi BYs! I wanted to share with you that a few years ago, I had a blood clot and found out I have Factor 5 blood disorder. Well so many things happened after that and my doctor at the time put me on Aspirin to keep my blood thin and said I would have to be on it for the...


I have learned to love and embrace yoga as part of my life because of you. I know you are a master at this but you still make beginners like me feel we can do it. The greatest impact that yoga has made in my life is how it transformed to towards peace and tranquility in my heart.

Kit Baguingay

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