Hi Ali!

I don’t have any questions, really a huge THANK YOU!
I’ve been watching your YouTube clips for over three years, now at 33 years old they have been the foundation and balance of my fitness routine.
Since I was a teenager I have always suffered from lower back problems, due to athletics and arthritis.  I also tore my ACL three years ago and  knew I was too young to be falling apart already!
I was in dire need of finding and staying dedicated to a quality fitness routine that I enjoyed.
I stumbled upon your videos when searching for interval training. I never really found a huge interest in Yoga until I viewed one of your classes.  Your voice is very soothing to the ears and your concentration on form was extremely helpful.  I also loved that you incorporated things like the kettle bell into a routine.  It kept me both interested and challenged.
Only after a week of sampling your Vinyasa Interval classes, I could immediately feel the difference. My back was beginning to show signs of more range of motion and I could just feel stronger.  By consistently doing your classes and through weight training, I actually opted out of ACL surgery. My knee has fully recovered and my back has never felt better!
Thank you for being passionate about your work and making your knowledge available, it is incredibly appreciated.  I just wanted to let you know how helpful and encouraging it’s been for me throughout the years. Pregnancy feels like another challenge to staying fit, but one I can be excited about 🙂 <3  Wising you all the best in your next adventure!  I will be watching for your new updates!
Warm Wishes,