Diet & Weight Loss


“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates, ca. 400 BC

04-AK-internal-diet&weightloss_03 Whether you chose to make permanent changes to your diet towards a cleaner, plant based, raw fresh food diet or you are just looking to do a seasonal cleanse or you need to heal your body you can use my tips and recipes, incorporate my herbal potions into your every day diet and you will see improvement. My diet plan is great for athletes and fit people that are looking to support their performance and recovery. My diet is great for weight loss, cleansing, healing and achieving a toned, strong and lean physique. A predominantly raw diet is great in supporting your cognitive function, general health and spiritual state of being. So please join me in this journey of eating the yummiest, cruelty free, beautiful, simple, colorful foods and herbs in the world. Here is a link to my blog where I share some diet, healing and food tips Love and Blessings

Yoga for Weight Loss

At least a few times a day I receive the question “Do I need to add cardio to my yoga in order to lose weight” or “Is yoga enough for weight loss”. In order to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life you need to apply a balanced, simple, multi-layered and doable approach to your fitness routine.

Although Yoga’s original purpose was not weight loss below I will discuss the weight loss aspects of my Yoga system. Yoga’s benefits go way beyond the physical and most of us will benefit from Yoga on so many layers that weight loss is really just a beneficial side effect of this holistic approach to lifestyle, movement and consciousness.

I have created a unique multi-layered approach to fitness and Yoga based on my years growing up practicing gymnastics, dance, fitness, track and field, teaching and practicing Yoga. My yoga system which I named Interval Yoga is a multi-layered approach to spirituality, fitness and weight loss .

Interval Yoga classes will help with your weight loss goals in the following ways:

  1. You will burn calories while practicing Interval Yoga. This in my opinion is the least important advantage of doing Interval Yoga.
  2. By incorporating certain combinations and levels of intensity you will boost your metabolism and keep it elevated for 24 hours after your practice.
  3. By practicing the poses that are central to my teaching style you will rebalance your your hormonal system and support your glandular health. These poses include standing and seated twists, standing poses, jumps, reclining and calming poses, stomach and internal organ “squeezers”, etc
  4. Breathing techniques are central in Yoga and learning to deepen our breath strengthens our digestion, assimilation, abdominal wall and core.
  5. Incorporating short intense interval exercises into the yoga sequences allows us to save time and get the benefits of a 40-50 minute jog or a treadmill run in only 10 minutes of intervals. In other words CARDIO IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN MY CLASSES. You DO NOT need additional cardio. As a matter of fact traditional cardio (jogging, running, spinning, etc) can be too repetitive, ineffective and time consuming as well as it can put you at a risk of repetitive injuries and muscular imbalance.
  6. Both Yoga and Intervals on their own are not optimal. If you want to experience true results it’s best to practice both. Strenuous and dynamic styles of Yoga such as my Power Interval Yoga classes will help you develop deep flexibility,
  7. Incorporating certain levels, types and intensities of jumps will boost your human growth hormone production which in turn will make you look younger, more muscular, toned and leaner.
  8. Interval Yoga saves time so it’s easy to stick to it and incorporate it into your daily life. You only need anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour a day, 5 -6 times a week to improve and maintain your optimal health and fitness level.
  9. According to ancient vedic scriptures certain yoga poses such as cobra and bow aid in abdominal fat reduction.
  10. Poses such as plough, shoulder stand and bridge balance the thyroid which in turn helps with weight reduction in the cases where it is caused by slow metabolism or hypothyroidism.
  11. Interval Yoga builds functional strength without the use of equipment and endless props which can complicate your life. It is easy to practice while traveling since all you need is a small space and minimal time.
  12. Cultivating the yogic locks will further improve your strength, balance, breathing and core connection.
  13. Interval Yoga focuses on calm, grounded and centered awareness during exercise therefore you are constantly practicing relaxation which can relive stress and lower cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to storing excess body fat.
  14. Interval Yoga can balance the appetite. If you are an emotional eater it can decrease your unhealthy cravings. On the other hand it can help strengthen one’s appetite and digestion and increase the desire for healthy, water rich plant foods.
  15. A healthy spine is essential for healthy living. When we balance the spine we balance all of our internal organs. The spine can affect every part of our health, from our brain to our digestion. Spinal imbalances have been linked to ailments such as ovarian cysts, knee pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, and internal organ imbalances.
  16. Yoga is TRUE TRANSFORMATION. It can re-route the nervous system. Habitual stress patterns that have developed over a lifetime can literally be re-directed and re-balanced with consistent practice.
  17. Yoga will improve your self esteem and self image! Articles upon articles can be written on this subject alone.
  18. Yoga is Healing! It can decrease inflammation and fatigue and improve your mood. (Multiple studies have been done on this) WEIGHT LOSS HATHA VINYASA POWER YOGA