108 Agate Fusion hand knotted Mala, Lepidopite Guru bead. Yoga mala. Long tassel. Vegan Mala. Boho necklace.


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108 Agate Fusion Mala! Colorful, hand knotted mala edning with Lepidolite Guru bead and playful finest polyester long tassel.

Agate is strengthening and stabilizing crystal.
It helps to balance the energies and direct them appropriately.
The energies of Agate are calming, elevating and uplifting. Even having a very busy and crazy day, it helps to be able to relax and find peace and solitude.
Agate will also make sure that positive energies flow non-stop. It will keep you energized and empowered. It will keep you feeling positive and uplifted.
The intricate movements within the crystal encourage a calm, relaxing state and open the mind to higher thought and inner truths.

Lepidolite is a stone of serenity, and has a calming and relaxing effect. If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, lepidolite brings gentleness and balanced energy. Lepidolite is a love gemstone that inspires spiritual awareness.
* All jewelry is handmade by me with care and love in my home studio using the finest gems and highest quality materials. All necklaces and bracelets are cleansed and charged with love energy, good intention, compassion and blessings.

* 20% of incomes from all Malas are consciously used for the care and needs of disadvantaged orphan children, elderly disabled people and strays.

Namaste 🙂

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